Cars With The Best Resale Value in the UAE

Investing in a car is a big decision. The money involved in such a transaction is usually sizable. But as is the case with most valuable assets, cars depreciate in value over time. If good care isn’t taken off the vehicle or perhaps the wrong vehicle is selected at the get-go, a car’s value may plummet very quickly. Seeing your hard-earned money perish before your very eyes is not a very pleasant feeling.

For the above reason, it is extremely wise for the savvy car owner to purchase the right vehicle for the right region. The vehicle that may be suitable for a European environment, may not be the best option for a UAE terrain, or even an Asian one. Furthermore, the same vehicle models may have different versions and different builds for different environments. With all that in mind, here are the top 5 most slowly depreciating car models for the UAE. 

Generally speaking, trucks, SUVs, and sports cars retain their value the best over time. While electric vehicles and sedans do not. We realize however that not everyone is in the market for an SUV/ sports car, and so our list includes sedans too.

TOP 5 High Resale Value Cars in the Middle East 2022:

The cars with the highest resale value in the UAE (as well as the entire Middle East) are:

  1. Nissan Patrol
  2. Lexus IS
  3. Toyota Land Cruiser
  4. Toyota Camry
  5. Nissan Sentra

1) Nissan Patrol: The Middle East’s uncontended resale value car. Favored for its adaptability on all terrains, and its all-around hardiness, it’s not so difficult to pinpoint how this vehicle keeps popping up at 1st place on best resale value cars lists for the UAE, year after year. This vehicle retains an impressive 82% to 85% of its value after one year of use.

On average, Nissan vehicles retain about 80% of their value in their first year as compared to Chevrolet and Mercedes who retain less than 50%. Generally speaking, Japanese brands such as Nissan and Toyota are the best retainers of value in the Middle East, and that is evident in this list’s make-up of vehicles.

2) Lexus IS: Retaining 80% of its value after its first year, the Lexus IS comes with a majestic body design and a gorgeous interior. Being the luxury division of the Japanese brand Toyota, Lexus vehicles are seen as a status symbol and are often compared to Mercedes. Being one of the oldest models in the Lexus lineup, this model has carved a place in the hearts and minds of the people of the UAE.

3) Toyota Land Cruiser: This popular, large SUV is a well-known sight on the streets of the UAE. Its durability, ease of use, and reliability make it a popular selection for anyone searching for a high-end SUV. Although this model is notorious for being expensive, the fact that its resale value is high ensures that owners of this vehicle can gain back a large portion of their initial investment in the vehicle at resale, given that they take good care of it. Click on the following link for more on how to keep your car’s value high. The Land Cruiser retains 74% of its value after one year of use.

4) Toyota Camry: Exceeding the Land Cruiser in popularity, and as a matter of fact, every other model in the entire UAE, the Camry is the most sold vehicle in the country. Clocking in at 72% retained value after one year of action, it’s quite impressive how much value this vehicle retains especially since it’s been branded “one of the best cars for daily commute.”

5) Nissan Sentra: This midsize sedan is an overall good vehicle. The Sentra is known for its comfortable driving experience, pleasing interior, and competitive price. If you can get over its finicky infotainment features, its small trunk, and ho-humming engine sounds, then this car can retain 71% of its value over a time period of one year.

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car for Resale Value

  1. The availability of parts in the country you intend to drive in can sway the vehicle’s value quite a bit. Furthermore, the prices that these parts sell at will also have an effect. This is because scarce or ridiculously expensive parts will drive demand for a vehicle down, and as such its value along with it.
  2. The people’s general taste for vehicles in your country. Sometimes vehicles that are actually well equipped and decently priced are not sought after as people’s tastes lean towards other vehicles and brands. Be cognizant of what goes in your region.
  3. Ensuring you select a car color that is sought after in your region. In the Middle East as well as Sub-Saharan Africa for example, the color white is highly valued on cars and they are valued down if their body color is not white.

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