The Difference Between the KIA Picanto and the KIA Morning

Aaah the age-old question. Many people before you have walked this path, and now you shall do the same. What is the difference between the KIA Picanto and the KIA Morning?

A friend once told me that the difference between the KIA Picanto and the KIA Morning is that the Picanto is bigger in size while the Morning is less bulky. 

Another person who paused to dramatically stare at his Picanto parked no more than 2 meters away from us, told me this when I asked him the question: “It’s the options. This one comes with different options than the Morning. We also have different engines.”

Another friend who works for the sole distributor of KIA vehicles for her country said that the cars are one and the same and that there are practically no differences.

So? Which One is it?

Is there a difference between KIA Picanto and KIA Morning?

The short answer is… well, it’s complicated. What’s for sure is that the first friend who claimed that the two cars are different in size was horribly wrong, because the two cars share the same exact body, and many other parts too.

So, What’s different?

The names for the most part. The Korean brand KIA markets the car as the “Morning” locally, as well as to a few other areas including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Chile. Whereas the rest of the world and the Middle East get the Picanto name. Oddly enough, the car is marketed as a bunch of other names in different areas. Names such as the “Naza Suria” and “Euro Star” are not unheard of when referring to this car.


Patience, my young Padawan. Yes, there are differences. Although different regions are in fact provided with different options, engine sizes and even colours, the main difference is that the Korean version (or the Morning) comes with heated steering and heated seats.

So, to summarize:

What is the Difference Between KIA Picanto and KIA Morning?

The cars are basically one and the same. They share the same body and they share the same parts. Picanto is the name used for the car across the Middle East and the rest of the world, whereas Morning is primarily used in South Korea and a few other countries. Engines, options, and colours may vary from one region to another, but the KIA Morning is known for its heated steering and heated seats.

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