How to Pick Your First Luxury Car

We all need to treat ourselves from time to time. After driving that economic car for God knows how many years it would be nice to change to a nice luxury car and cruise down the road in that Bentley or S-class. But before jumping in headfirst and making uncalculated decisions that might leave you rather regretful than satisfied, here are some tips and pointers on how to pick up your first luxury car. 

Know thy luxury car

Just like any other car class, luxury cars come in all shapes, sizes, brands and models. Understand your wants and needs and know the difference between them. Be realistic about your options, yes it’s a luxury car and you want to spend that extra money you’ve earned or saved on something special, but you also need to keep in mind that when you are driving a car it’s not purely for leisurely purposes. Do you have a family? Is it big or small? Are you gonna use your car for long drives and road trips? Are you gonna sell it after this many years? Do your homework, evaluate your prospects and choose wisely.

It’s all about maintenance costs

Luxury brand dealerships have relatively higher costs than other cars. Some brands like BMW have free maintenance programs for the first 50,000 miles.

 If your car is on warranty, remember that continual maintenance is key to keep it in good standing. Stretching the service intervals of using non-factory approved parts will adversely affect the status of your luxury car since warranties do not cover damages or wear that come about as a result of lack of maintenance. As the old saying goes; prevention is better than cure.  

Luxury car insurance

Insurance costs for high-end vehicles vary considerably from brand to brand and from model to model. However, always keep an eye on the deductibles on the Collision and Comprehensive coverages. Before making up your mind, scour the internet for the best rates and coverages and don’t forget to read the fine prints; the devil is in the details. 

Features, features, features

Luxury cars come with attractive features; adaptive suspensions, panoramic sunroofs, complex central command systems with touch screens and other gadgets high-tech aficionados will drool over. Some of these features you can enjoy without worrying, others will incur expensive repairs costs to maintain or replacement costs. Words to the wise; 

  • when picking your first luxury car consider an extended warranty that cover desired features  
  • Make sure all the softwares are installed and updated
  • Check your battery vitals. A healthy battery and charging system is essential for well functioning high-tech goodies.

Additionally, ensure that your credit score is robust enough not to saddle you with hefty and frustrating interest rates and aim for low-interest rates. And if you consider buying a used luxury car, always opt for a Full Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI), a small cost upfront will save you headaches later.  

Last but not least, always pay attention to resale value. Some luxury cars have greater and superior resale values. So next time you want to upgrade to your second luxury car, you cut yourself a sweet deal. And speaking of sweet deals, we at Sell Your Motors have the most saccharine ones. And the fastest ones too. We buy any car in under 30 minutes. So if you are considering selling your old car and picking your first luxury car, rest assured you will get the fairest deal. With only simple four steps:

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