Marital Driving Habits: Single VS Married Driving

Did you know that depending on the demographic you belong to, your car insurance fees may either be higher or lower? And no, we’re not talking about racist stereotypes. Statistically speaking, some demographics stand a higher chance of being involved in a car accident. Younger age groups and males especially stand a high chance of being charged premium car insurance rates for exactly that reason. Marital driving habits on the other hand is a concept that insurance companies view in a positive light. Married couples are given highly favourable insurance discounts in the UAE (and globally) for simply being a couple.

There are many factors informing the aforementioned pricing strategy. Read on as we discuss a few of these factors and play devil’s advocate in arguing why being married can also have its disadvantages on the road.

Do Marital Driving Habits Lead to Less Accidents?

Statistically speaking, married couples are less likely to develop dementia or heart diseases. Married couples lead healthier and more stable lives than their single counterparts who are seen as more active and volatile. It is a fact that married couples spend less time on the road and therefore stand less of a chance of exposing themselves to an accident in the first place.

Furthermore, on an intuitive level, you are more likely to let your married cousin take your car for a ride than you are to let his younger 20-year-old brother. One of them is just too risky. And the other is more mature and grounded. It’s kind of embedded in our heads.

Another factor that plays a role in why married people drive safely is children. They say that the love a parent feels for their child is a brand of its own, entirely. No parent wants to risk injuring their child, or injuring themselves and becoming less able to care for a child or God-forbid, leave an orphan behind. So it goes without saying that when a child comes into the picture, a parents’ driving style becomes exponentially more focused and calculated.

(Side note: Have a look at our previous blog about cars suitable for mothers if you’re in the market for a new car and want to ensure the safety of your little ones).

Then there’s also the fact that parents usually don’t want to put themselves in a situation where they’re cussing or speeding when there are children around. Being a good role model is a full-time job, and this becomes apparent in a parent’s driving style as it develops into a permanent careful driving habit.

What then hides under the other side of the coin?

Bad Marriages and Driving Habits

Yes, marriage can be a safe haven that symbolizes harmony and stability. But what happens when a marriage turns sour? What happens when a couple is considering a divorce?

Individuals who have gone through a divorce will sorrowfully inform you how torturous it was. What was once a cover from the storm outside the house, becomes the eye of the storm itself. Partners’ judgement and thinking become clouded as the conflict becomes a dark cloud that constantly looms overhead.

There is more collateral damage involved in a divorce than a simple breakup. Also, the social consequences involved are incredibly higher — especially if there are children involved. It is easy to see why individuals going through a rough marriage may become depressed and unfocused. This in turn can make them more likely to get involved in a car accident. As a matter of fact, lapses in memory and focus are symptomatic of depression and anxiety, both of which can be caused by a divorce.

Individuals caught up in a bad marriage will likely experience the same. This begs the question, does being married really mean fewer accidents? Must marital driving habits always have a positive connotation? We’ll let you decide.

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