The perfect car for sale advertisement

Advertising your car may seem like a daunting experience especially if you’re someone who isn’t exactly car savvy or hasn’t sold a car before. Worry not, because this blog will walk you through the ins and outs of making the perfect car for sale advertisement.

The Right Place for a car for sale Advertisement 

There are many options to choose from when deciding on a place to advertise your car. But by a far stretch, the best option is online. That’s for two reasons: 1) it’s really cost-effective (you’ll most likely pay nothing), and 2) you’ll reach an incredible amount of potential buyers.

When it comes to these kinds of digital channels there’s a wide array of options to choose from. There are local classified sites, international classifieds sites, and even the option of using social media

The Perfect Car for Sale Advertisements Structure

In regards to your car for sale advertisement structure, you don’t need to worry about much when it comes to vehicle classified sites. That’s because these websites’ interface is already optimized for a great vehicle buying experience. All you have to do is enter the correct information in the right field and the website will figure out the structure for you. But when it comes to generic classified sites and social media platforms, you may have to form your own structure. Here’s how we would go about it.

When writing the body of your advertisement, some would advise you to keep it short and simple as to cater for peoples short attention span. Others will say make it long and bulky as to include every possible car detail in an attempt to minimize time wasted in answering prospect questions about the vehicle. Our advice would be to take the middle ground. That is, to include a brief summary of the most important vehicle features in a paragraph or so, and only then get into incredible detail. That way people who are eager to find out more can continue reading and those who like to keep it short are catered for as well.

This then begs the question. What are the most important features to include in a car description summary? Here’s a list of the seven most important car ad summary elements:

1) General Car Properties: these include things like the car transmission type (automatic or manual), whether the car uses petrol or diesel, and the vehicle trim type (or version).

2)The Cars Mileage: how many miles the car’s travelled since it was first purchased. As well as the miles per gallon (MPG), or how far a vehicle can travel on a single gallon of fuel.

3) The Availability of the Cars Full-Service History: this is a document that details any maintenance or repair work that’s been done on a car. Ideally, the longer back this document goes the more trustworthy your offer seems.

4) A Description of the Cars Color: sometimes advertisement images may be unclear to viewers, and some colours may be hard to distinguish, it is therefore wise to include a written description of the car’s colour.

5) Any Relevant Features/ Tools that May Come with the Vehicle: if your car has special options (modifications), or is accompanied by special tools such as unique carjacks or tyre pumps, briefly outline them here.

6) Car Pricing: apart from quoting a number, it would be wise to state your negotiation terms. That is whether your price is firm/ unchangeable, or flexible and negotiable.

7) Your Own Details: this can include anything from your name, cell number, and the address where the vehicle is being kept.

What about basic info. Car model, year, make and brand.

The Perfect Car for Sale Advertisements Features and Content

Keep these simple guidelines in mind when creating your car for sale advertisement:

Be Honest: the used car business is riddled with shady characters and swindlers. Mistrust is abundant in this market. Therefore, sellers that can gain the trust of their prospects will run laps around those who fail to do so. To achieve this it is necessary that sellers be radically honest with their prospects. Don’t simply just outline the advantages of your vehicle. Point out any faults it may actually have. Bring up any accidents the car was involved in or any fixes the prospect may have to undergo should they select your car. This may seem counterintuitive, but it works like a charm. It’s better that prospects find out about car faults from you than through their own inspection. Keep in mind that the purpose of an advertisement isn’t simply to get you the highest number of leads, but also to match you with the RIGHT buyer. Being honest does wonders in that regard.

Explain Why You’re Selling the Car: once again, trust is an issue. Prospects will be way more comfortable buying from you if they know the reason you’re selling your car isn’t because it’s a mess and you want to get rid of it, but rather because you are relocating to a country where the steering wheels are located on the alternating side of the car.

Paint Yourself as a Responsible Car Owner: if you come off to buyers as someone who’s clumsy or careless, then by inference, the way you handled your car must have been the same. Present yourself properly and professionally. Don’t be afraid to flaunt any automotive knowledge you may have when you meet or communicate with prospects.

Use Simple Language: not all your prospects are going to be car-savvy, so it would be wise to avoid abbreviations and technical jargon whenever possible.

Take Good Pictures: this one can’t be emphasized enough. Bad pictures or a few of them send the wrong message. Buyers might think you are trying to hide something. Be lavish and generous with your pictures. Ensure great picture lighting, get snaps of many different angles (interior and exterior), and shoot abundantly.

Other Car Selling Options

Putting up a car for sale advertisement may not be for everybody. If that type of sale procedure doesn’t properly align with you. Then there are other options. Car buying services may be the way to go. Car buying services take the hassle out of the sales procedure and buy your vehicle directly from you. This ensures that you receive money in exchange for your car in the quickest manner possible. We at Sell Your Motors do just that. Located across various locations in Dubai, it’s hard to find a buy out for your vehicle faster than what we provide. Our process is quick, seamless and only involves 4 steps: 1) Try our free online car evaluation system, 2) Get a call from us and set an appointment, 3) Drop by for a free car inspection, and 4) Give us the keys and we’ll give you the cash. Prefer to talk over the phone? Call: 04 330 1030