5 Crazy Roadside Stories from the Web


Driving is a marvel of the 20th century. It gives us the freedom to explore, visit, experience and sometimes to thrill. We’ve all seen some crazy things along the roadside, or whilst parked. I once saw an eagle pick up and fly away with a dog whilst on holiday in the Peloponnese, but that’s nothing compared to this collection of crazy roadside stories from around the web.

Black Cat Horseman

A lady in California, USA was leaving her partner’s house at 3 am. She got into her car to take the 30-minute drive back to her house. The roads were dark and misty. In the distance, she could see a shadowy figure, of what looked like a black cat. As she got closer she could see it was clearly a feline, and it was MASSIVE, almost “the size of a horse” — as she puts it. The massive cat-horse hybrid was facing away from her, then suddenly turned to face her, and it had the face of a man.

In a fit of fear she veered off the road and swerved almost hitting a tree. When she looked back, black-cat-horse-man had disappeared. What do you think? Could it be that a wild experiment went terribly wrong? Or maybe this lady had one too many “special gummy bears” at her partner’s house.

Oddporium Delaware

Driving through Arden in Delaware, you’d be hard-pressed not to notice the Oddporium. Not to be mistaken for the Leftorium owned by Ned Flanders, the Oddporiium is a collection of… Well… Oddities. Part store, part museum, it boasts once in a lifetime items such as the remains of a cyclops pig and centuries-old asylum records. Designed to shock, horror, and excite, the Oddporium is, as its name would suggest, ODD!

Non-Vegan Indian Witch Ghosts

Indian’s are known for their kindness, hospitality, and humanity. A large number are Hindus who are also vegan. Well, except the Non-vegan Indian witch ghosts in Khashedi Ghat on the Mumbai-Goa highway. According to multiple stories, this part of the highway is haunted by witches. Whilst driving along the highway, the car suddenly stops with no apparent problem with the vehicle, all the non-vegetarian food suddenly disappears and victims are scratched on their faces and backs by the witch ghosts. So, if you’re driving between Mumbai and Goa, we recommend an all plant-based diet. Who knows, it could be the start of a new healthier you!

Screaming Mustang Hidden Foam

When Formula One car engines changed in 2012 to quieter, greener more fuel-efficient versions, we all applauded the greener more fuel-efficient benefits and mourned the reverberating chest-pounding stomp that came from the sound of an F1 car. Mustang owners like Aaron Robinson, need to feel the irreplaceable resonance that comes from a muscle car roaring at its animalistic peak. However, his neighbors didn’t appreciate it as much as some may. One morning he woke to find expanding foam in his exhaust pipes and a note telling him to get the muffler fixed. When your neighbors can’t appreciate the beauty of your muscle car, there’s really only one solution; move house Aaron. Move house. 

Free Supercar Anyone?

This one takes place in the underground parking of our apartment in Marina. For the past 3 years a quite extraordinary Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder has sat there, untouched, unloved, undriven and rotting. It made no sense until a recent expose and some information from the Dubai police helped put the pieces together. In Dubai, 2000-3000 supercars are left by their owners who hop on flights back to their native lands. The reason: they can no longer afford the payments. The exodus began after the 2008 financial crash but continues to this day. Some of those cars end up becoming police cars, others return to the manufacturer, and others still get sold at a car auction. If only they know about Sell Your Motors, we’d surely have been able to offer a price that covered the remaining payments and they’d be able to leave the country without the burden of knowing they broke the law. 


The life of a car owner can be strange and interesting. From odd highway attractions to witches, ghosts and shells of supercars. What we know for sure is that owning a car, and selling a car can be stressful and time-consuming. Not with SellYourMotors.com though, we guarantee to buy your car in 30 minutes or less, that’s less time than it takes to genetically engineer a black-cat-horse-man for sure!