RTA Vehicle Renewal Guide and Review

In this blog, we give you the 101 on everything vehicle renewal. We cover the RTA vehicle renewal process, as well as review it. Then we provide you with a list of required documents, and information on how much you can expect to pay.

What is a Vehicle Renewal?

Vehicle renewal or vehicle registration renewal is the process of renewing legal ownership of your vehicle. Vehicle registrations are a requirement in order to enable governments to tax vehicle owners and discover car thefts through the traceability of car ownership. 

How Often Do Vehicle Registrations Need To Be Renewed in the UAE?

Known as “Mulkiya,” vehicle registration cards are renewed yearly in the UAE. This is unlike other countries where vehicle renewals happen every three years or so.

Is There A Grace Period for Car Renewals?

Yes, a one-month grace period exists for individuals to undergo the car-renewal process after its expiry. In this period, motorists will not be stopped by authorities for driving with expired vehicle registration. But after that, a fine that incurs AED 25 for each delayed month will be charged.

How Much Does Vehicle Renewal Cost in The UAE?

Service fees vary depending on vehicle type. However, the average car user can expect to pay AED 350 for car renewal. In the case of commercial use, fees are determined by the category of commercial activity. 

Click on the following link to find a list of car-renewal fees in the UAE

The Difference Between Vehicle Renewal and Vehicle Re-registration in the UAE

While vehicle-renewal is simply renewing an existing vehicle registration, re-registration occurs when a vehicle comes from abroad or has not been renewed for over a year. Furthermore, re-registrations are compulsory for individuals who relocate to another emirate and change their visa to that of the new emirate. In that case, that individual will have to re-register their vehicle within the emirate they are relocating to. 

There are exceptions to the above regulation, such as if the company one works for has multiple branches in both Emirates. In that case, re-registration will not be necessary, and vehicle-renewal can occur in either emirate.

What is the RTA Vehicle Renewal Process in UAE?

RTA Vehicle Renewal Step 1 – Car Test

Before anything, your car needs to be tested to ensure that it is safe for the road and the environment. If your vehicle has been manufactured within the previous three years, this step is unnecessary. 

Vehicles usually need to be tested every year, so you can skip this part if you’ve already tested your vehicle recently. 

For a detailed list of vehicle types and their required testing frequencies, refer to this document about vehicle testing in the UAE.

Furthermore, here is a list of places you can undergo your vehicle tests in the UAE.

RTA Vehicle Renewal Step 2 – Make Sure Your Car is Insured

After your car passes the test and if it does not have a valid insurance, you’ll have to purchase an insurance package from an authorized insurance company.

RTA Vehicle Renewal Step 3 – Clear Any Fines

If there are any fines on your car they will have to be cleared prior to its registration renewal.

RTA Vehicle Renewal Step 4 – Pay Registration Fees and Wait for Processing: Where Can You Renew Your Vehicle in UAE? 

Individuals can go to the nearest RTA center to process and pay the fees for their vehicle registration renewal. Vehicle Testing centers in Dubai such as Wasel, Shamil, Mumayaz, or Tasjeel can also complete the process for you.

Quick Online Vehicle Renewal Process and Other Options

If all of the above-mentioned conditions (steps 1 to 3) are already met, individuals can quickly apply for a vehicle renewal online, taking only three days to process. 

Individuals will input information about themselves and their car into an online portal and can choose to have their registration card delivered to them. 

Click on the following link to apply for a vehicle renewal online.

You can also refer to this document for guidance with the online process: RTA vehicle renewal online service manual.

Other registration options available include phone calls (which are processed the fastest), and self-service machines, which take only five minutes to complete. 

Service machines can be found in RTA-approved car inspection centers across the UAE and in RTA branches as well.

How Can I Renew Mulkiya Online?

You can either use the RTA’s website or the Dubai Drive smartphone app. Using the app, press on “RTA Services”, “My Vehicles,” and then “Renew Vehicles.” For the website, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the “Driver and Car Owner” section.
  • Click on “vehicle renewal”.
  • Click on “Start vehicle renewal process.”
  • Fill in the necessary details, pay the fees, and select your Mulkiya delivery method.

Below is a video to guideyou through the website process.

Documents Required for Vehicle Renewal in the UAE

The following documents are required for a vehicle renewal in the UAE:

  • A car inspection certificate
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Emirates ID or residence visa
  • Drivers license
  • Expired vehicle registration card

Review: The RTA Vehicle Renewal Process

In line with the UAE’s vision for digitization, the vehicle registration renewal process has been heavily streamlined thanks to technology. As a result, individuals can expect a hassle-free and quick service at the RTA, and any questions they have will be graciously answered on their helplines (800 90 90).

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