Dubizzle Cars Dubai: The Pros and Cons of Selling on Dubizzle

The Cars in Dubai section of the megalithic-classified website, that is Dubizzle.com, is one of the most visited, and traffic-intensive parts of the megasite. With an almost endless range of cars, trucks and bikes, it’s a great place to start when looking to buy a used car. The site splits out buyers who are individuals from businesses selling cars, although this isn’t always easy to see. But what about when selling your car in Dubai? Is Dubizzle the best place to go? Well, there are pros and cons and in this article, we’ll explore both sides of the argument.

Dubizzle Cars Dubai: Pros

There are a number of advantages to selling your car on Dubizzle, namely their brand, the volume of buyers and the effort that the company puts into ensuring an excellent buyer and seller experience free from fraud.  


Dubizzle boasts millions of visitors (per what) both on its website, mobile site, and iOS and Android apps. There’s no doubt that Dubizzle is the largest classifieds provider in the UAE and their marketing across outdoor, TV and online-only serves to increase the number of visitors to their website. By inference therefore Dubizzle should be the place where you, as a car seller, get the most amount of interested buyers. Dubizzle has both “chat” and “call” functions available, and as many car sellers know it’s not long after an advert is posted that people start to show interest. To some extent, it can be difficult to decipher those who are genuinely interested in purchasing your car from the “tire kickers” who are just shopping around. 

Brand: Dubizzle Cars Dubai

Dubizzle is THE classifieds website of the UAE. Its brand is known across all the Emirates and beyond. To that end, Dubizzle works hard to ensure that its brand is never tarnished. They work hard to ensure that rogue buyers are weeded out and those rogue sellers are banned from the platform. However, building this brand costs money, and that money comes from classified sales, from both individuals and companies. 

Quality Assurance

Dubizzle Cars Dubai section has a range of fraud prevention techniques and tools. These tools work hard to ensure that both buyers and sellers get an excellent user experience. However no technology is foolproof, and fraud does still occur on occasion, albeit almost always because of either seller or buyer error. 

Cons: Dubizzle Cars Dubai

Nothing in life is perfect, and that goes to selling your car on Dubizzle too. There are a number of cons to working with such a massive platform, and therefore it’s worth considering carefully whether selling your car on Dubizzle is right for you. 

Time Wasters

Depending on how well you’ve advertised your car, and whether you’ve taken advantage of the many “boost” features within the Dubizzle experience, you’ll almost certainly get a significant number of people messaging you and calling you about your car. It’s almost impossible to fully understand whether prospective buyers are serious or not. And sadly, there are many who are simply interested in getting a below market value deal or just comparing your car to others they have seen in the market. Another trick used by time wasters is to negotiate your price down to the absolute minimum so as to play your price off against another car that they are genuinely interested in. All in all, if you’re selling your car on Dubizzle, be prepared to take the time to deal with all the incoming requests and their associated hassles. 

Negotiating Dubizzle Cars Dubai

Some people thrive on the cut and thrust of negotiating. Others simply can’t stand the idea of having to negotiate, and the thought alone leads to mental paralysis. Well, if you’re selling your car on Dubizzle, be prepared to negotiate. You’ll almost certainly need to negotiate at some point on price, inclusion or payment. If negotiating isn’t your thing, then consider asking a friend or relative to undertake this part for you, or consider selling your car to a car buying service such as Sell Your Motors. 

Risk of Fraud

However hard you try there is always a risk of fraud, regardless of all the measures put in place. Generally speaking, fraudulent transactions are rare, but they do happen. When they happen it’s almost always because either the buyer or seller didn’t follow all the safety guidelines provided by Dubizzle at almost every step of the process. If you’re concerned about fraud then it’s often easier to just sell your car to a friend, relative, as a part exchange or to a car buying service.  

Long Lead Time

It can take some time to finally sell your car on Dubizzle. This depends a lot on the make, model, year and the number of comparative cars already on the platform. In any case, be prepared to wait and also to spend more money extending your advert on the platform if it isn’t sold in the initial period. Of course, sometimes you are selling your car because you need cash quickly. If that’s the case, then it’s better to save money on advertising and sell your car to a car buying service such as Sell Your motors who will often arrange for immediate cash payments for your car. 

Other Options for Selling Your Car in Dubai

Of course, Dubizzle isn’t the only place you can sell your car in Dubai. There are other classified sites, you can personally advertise on places such as Facebook Marketplace, you can enter Instagram groups and also sell to friends and family. Another popular way to sell your car is to use it in part-exchange for your new car. Most car dealerships are willing to part exchange most vehicles that are roadworthy. Another option is to sell your car via a car buying service such as Sell Your Motors. Sell Your Motors will give you an instant quotation on your vehicle which is transparent and fair. They can then immediately complete the purchase of your car and complete the payment details. With locations across Dubai, Sell Your Motors is a great way to take the hassle out of selling your car. 


Selling your car on Dubizzle is a tried and tested method of selling your car in Dubai. However, you need to have patience, be willing to negotiate and not be in a rush to sell. Of all the classified sites, it is far and away the largest with the most traffic. However, Dubizzle isn’t for everyone. If you hate the thought of negotiating or need cash in a hurry then using a specialist car buying company such as Sell Your Motors may be more appropriate for you.