Trading In Your Car In Dubai Vs Car Buying Services Dubai

Trading in your car Dubai is common for many car buyers. Almost all dealerships will take your car as part exchange for a new car, or in exchange for a cash deposit. What’s more, they will also take almost any model, year, type and condition of the car in part exchange. The question is, given that there is a multitude of ways to get rid of your old car, which is the most effective? In this article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of part exchanging, or trading in your car in Dubai, vs selling your car to a recognised car buying company. 

Trading In Your Car In Dubai

When you go to trade in your car, know that this is part of a complex calculation that the dealership has made when offering you a price for your new car. This includes whether you have taken out additional insurance, payment insurance, whether you are part exchanging your car, whether you are paying in cash or on credit, the APR of your credit, the type of purchase agreement be lease to buy or buy outright and many other things. Ultimately, however, rest assured, the car dealership will profit from any part-exchange deal. They don’t intend to buy the car from you at market price, they intend to buy the car and almost always sell it at auction at a profit. Plus, remember, to sell a car at a profit at an auction is significantly more difficult for a dealership than for you as an individual. They have to house the car, clear it, maintain it, take it to the auction, sell it, pay the auction fees and potentially return the car if it doesn’t sell for the right price. Therefore, when a dealership makes you a part exchange offer they do so factoring in all these additional costs. 

That said, there are significant benefits to trading in at a dealership. Firstly, it’s convenient. Secondly, if you are an expert negotiator, the trade-in can act as leverage to reduce monthly premiums, reduce deposits or reduce the overall cost of the car. Also trading in is significantly less hassle than selling your car yourself.  

Car Buying Services

A more recent phenomenon is to use specialist car buying services such as Sell Your Motors to sell your car. These types of companies offer significant advantages which are often overlooked. Firstly, much like a dealership, they’ll buy almost any car in any state from any year. Secondly, they’ll pay you directly. If you’re looking to buy a car straight after selling yours then having cash available for a hefty deposit can significantly increase your negotiating power. This could mean that you’re able to get a better deal on your new car simply by having already sold your old car. Car buying services also have the advantage of comparison. When you’re at a dealership you can’t compare what another dealer would offer you in part exchange, but with car buying services you can review multiple offers making sure you get the best possible deal.


In conclusion, Dubai trade-in solutions are often convenient and if you’re an expert negotiator can cut you a better deal on your new car. However, for most people going to a specialist car buying company such as Sell Your Motors they offer significant advantages, such as being able to put down a larger deposit, therefore, increasing your negotiating power and potentially reducing your APR.