how to recharge salik by mobile

How to Recharge Salik by Mobile: a Service That Makes Life Easier

With the rise of digital services and the adoption of cashless payments, daily life has become a lot simpler for UAE residents. From paying bills to parking your car and even topping up your mobile phone balance, everything can be done online with just the click of a button. However, that doesn’t mean there are no challenges left to tackle. One of them being the system of Salik – electronic tolls in the UAE. Most people who drive on Abu Dhabi roads will have been stuck at a Salik tag or two by now because chances are you didn’t have enough change to pay for the toll fee. That is why we decided to bring you this article so that you know all about how to recharge Salik by mobile in UAE and other useful information about it.

What is Salik?

Salik is an electronic tagging system that can be used to charge any vehicle that passes through specific points on Abu Dhabi roads. This includes both highways and bridges. The system was introduced in 2005 and it was originally designed for the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway. According to surveys, over 80% of vehicles in the UAE use Salik and this means that majority of Abu Dhabi residents have had their fair share of Salik-ing. That said, the system has come under criticism over the years due to it being too expensive and having too many toll booths which make it difficult for many people to recharge their Salik. As a result, we’ve seen the introduction of Salik recharge by mobile phone, which makes Salik recharging a lot more convenient.

How to recharge Salik by mobile in UAE?

To recharge Salik by mobile in UAE, you will need to download and register on the Salik app. Once you are on the app, select the “recharge Salik” option and follow the instructions to recharge your Salik tag. You can recharge your Salik by mobile either with a credit card or a debit card. If you choose to recharge your Salik with a debit card, you will have to add the card details on the app. The amount will be deducted from your card instantly. If you choose to recharge Salik with a credit card, you will be taken to a secure payment page where you will have to enter your card details. You will be able to see the recharge amount in your card statement.

Recharge Salik by mobile: Mergers of Salik

If you choose to recharge your Salik using a credit card, you will have the option to choose between two recharging companies. The two companies are: ED Payments and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (“DTC”). Both these companies are telecommunication companies in the UAE. ED Payments is a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company. ED Payments – Mobile number: Dial *11111 or *12345 or *9989 or *99999 or *9988 or *9987 or *9986 or Dial *9922 or *9988 or *9989 or *9986 or *9987 or *9922 or *9933 or *9944 or *9988 or *9989 or *9986 or *9987 or *9922 or *9988 or *9989 or *9933 or *9944 or *9986 or Dial *20# or *2# or *999# or *99111##

Recharg Salik using cash

If you choose to recharge Salik using cash, you will have to visit the nearest Salik service center to recharge the tag. You will have to visit the service center with your car registration documents and a valid ID such as your driving license. For more information, you can visit the ED website.

Wrap up

Salik recharging is an essential part of UAE life, but it can be difficult to do it manually. By setting up auto-recharging, you can make the process much easier. You can choose to do this online or through an app on your mobile phone. You can also have someone else do it for you by giving them access to your account. These are some of the best ways to recharge Salik. So go ahead and make your life easier!

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