The Latest RTA Fines in Dubai, UAE

Road Traffic Accidents or (RTAs) are an unavoidable part of life on the road. If you’ve gotten into an altercation and want to know what it will cost you and how to get it paid, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the latest RTA fines in Dubai as well as the procedures that follow should you (God forbid) get involved in a road traffic accident. Here’s everything you need to know.

RTA Fines and Black Points

The RTA Fines system in Dubai follows a black traffic points system. This system scores traffic violations based on their severity. The higher the number the bigger the violation. A speeding ticket for exceeding the speed limit by 60 kph for example will incur you 6 black traffic points.

 Once your accumulated black traffic points reach 24, your license will be suspended for three months. If it is your second time reaching 24 points the license suspension period will double (6 months), and so on with the third time until it reaches a full year. At the end of your license’s suspension period, you will be asked to pay suspension termination fees in order to make your license valid again.

Be informed that not all violations will incur black points. It is also a fact of the road that your black points count will be cleared and will start from zero at the beginning of each year unless you’ve reached 24 points, in which case termination fees are a must. 

Too Many RTA Fines?

If you rack up enough black points for your license to get suspended, your options for getting around become very limited. You can either: 1) carpool, 2) use public transport, or 3) apply for a restricted license

All of the aforementioned can prove to be quite troublesome for someone who’s grown accustomed to driving their own vehicle. That is why it’s smart to clear black points as soon as they have been accumulated by paying special fines that can reduce your black points count by a certain amount.

 Call the UAE Roads and Traffic Authority (also known as the RTA coincidentally enough) on 800 90 90 to explore that option, or visit their site here to settle any other RTA fines.

The Top 5 Most Serious RTA Fines

Below is a list of the top five most serious RTA offences followed by a description of each offence, the fee that must be paid for each one, as well as the black points incurred for each felony.

Causing Someone’s Death

We’re starting with the worst-case scenario so that we can quickly get it out of the way, and not dwell too long on tragic matters. Causing someone’s death in a car accident is a traumatic experience, and if you come out of such an incident unscathed, you have way more to worry about than fines and fees. But for technicalities sake: your vehicle will be impounded for 60 days, you will incur 23 black points, and your fine will be decided in a court of law.

Driving Under the Influence

Drunk driving is something we would all like to wipe out from existence, unfortunately, that is as of yet not possible. Therefore we have to rely on the stringent laws set to punish those who err in that way. That is why driving under the influence is punished with the same severity as causing someone’s death in an accident. That is 60 days of impound time, 23 black points and a fine decided in court. 

Driving in a Way that Damages Public or Private Property

Suppose you mowed your neighbour’s hedge down with your car or smashed the local parks gates with your vehicle. The RTA fine for that is AED2000 accompanied by 23 black points and 60 days of impound time.

Exceeding the Speed Limit by More than 80 km per Hour

Okay, if you were actually guilty of this one, then you genuinely deserve everything that’s coming your way. AED3000 in fines, 23 black points, 60 days of impound time along with 60 days of your license being blocked.

Driving without a Drivers License

Once again, what were you thinking? You forgot your license while you were rushing out? Okay. Good luck convincing the officer that. AED5000  but no black points or impound time. Don’t let us catch you slippin’ again.

Driving without a Number-Plate

Nothing like cruising down the road in your newly purchased vehicle, yes? Well, don’t get too comfortable. It would be wise to get your number plate situation sorted out quickly because the fine on this one is hefty. That’s 3000 AED, 23 black points, and 90 days of impound time. Yes. 90 days. Hello new car. Goodbye new car.

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