What You Need for a Car Trade in Dubai

Is it time for a new car? Perhaps you’re welcoming a new addition to the family and need more space. Or maybe you’re just looking for something more up-to-date. In either case, you will have to sell the old car and buy a new one. Car dealers usually offer a trade-in option or a “part exchange,” enabling you to sell your old car and buy the new one under one roof. This blog will detail what these processes look like and what documentation you require to complete the sale. Finally, we’ll end with an alternative you can use for care trade-ins. Here is our car trade in Dubai guide:

The Process: Car Trade in Dubai

Depending on where you go, a dealer may accept any car brand, only a particular type, or a few similar types. For example, brand car dealers such as Honda will only buy Honda models from you. This is the general rule for brand car dealers, except a few rare instances.

Non-brand car dealers, or dealers that display many different vehicle brands in their showroom, will likely buy any car brand from you.

Branded car dealer or not, the constant among all these dealerships is usually the fact that you are limited to selling your car there only if you agree to buy another vehicle from the same dealer. This limits you in that you will have to settle for the vehicle trim/options available in that showroom only, or it can limit you to selling only to the dealers where you find the car model you intend to purchase. The latter means you will have a limited list of offers to choose from if you have more than one at all.

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The Documents Required for a Car Trade in Dubai

Generally speaking, you’ll need the following documents and licenses for the sale of your vehicle in the UAE:

  1. A UAE Drivers License
  2. Valid Car Insurance
  3. Your Emirates ID
  4. A copy of your passport
  5. A car testing certificate

Car testing certificates ensure that a car is safe for the road, and a test is generally required every so often. Find the appropriate time intervals for car tests on the RTAs Car Testing document. You can also find the nearest testing facility at that link.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that all car fines and penalties need to be paid and cleared before it exchanges hands.

Moreover, it is wise to schedule an appointment with the dealer you intend to go to as they usually don’t accept “drop-ins.”

Is A Car Trade-in the Best Option for You?

Salespeople in car dealerships can be quite cunning. Doubly so when you’re engaging in two deals with them. A salesman can lead you into thinking that you are receiving a great offer in exchange for your old car (which is often true) but will make up for it by charging you a higher price on the new vehicle you are about to buy. This can work in reverse as well. You can be offered a meager amount for your old car, but the new vehicle you are purchasing will come at a discounted price this time. The salesman can play with whichever margin he sees fit to woo you into a deal. 

The avoid the above, it is best to separate those two transactions. Sell your car in one place and buy your new car from a separate place. That way, you can ensure that you can negotiate on both fronts equally.

Sell Your Motors

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