Where Can I Sell My Car for Scrap in The UAE?

Before we get into our subject matter, it’s hard to bring up car scrapping and scrap yards without mentioning the famous Dubai scrapyards. These are yards filled with exotic abandoned cars from individuals who left the country fleeing debt. If you haven’t already come across this, then Supercar Blondie’s coverage of the occurrence will serve you well. With that out of the way, let’s get to answering your question: “Where can I sell my car for scrap in the UAE?”

Although there are many options for selling scrap cars and many scrap car buyers in the UAE, we will discuss only the top three options for selling your scrap car. They are the Sharjah Industrial Area, scrapyards in other emirates, and the car buying specialists spread across the UAE.

Where Can I Sell My Car for Scrap in the UAE?

Sharjah Industrial Area

There are many scrap car buyers and scrap yards spread across the Industrial Area of Sharjah. Still, the area south of the Third Industrial Road has an exceptionally high concentration of car scrap yards. Individuals committed to selling their scrap car can hire a tow car from providers like Car Recovery Dubai and tow their vehicle to that location (if it is immobile). 

Once there, you can leave your scrap car in one area and visit and negotiate with the scrap yards in the area. That is if you don’t decide to keep the tow car moving with you, which will be much more costly. 

Alternatively, most scrap yards will offer a free pickup service. They will tow your vehicle from its location, limiting you to only selling to them. So it is better to keep your options open and hear as many offers as possible before settling on one. That is why it’s highly recommended that you go to an area dense with scrap yards like the Sharjah Industrial Area.

Other Emirates

Every Emirate has its own area allotted for scrap yards and scrap car buyers. Dubai has the least, but that is abundantly made up for by being located next to the biggest scrap yard zone, Sharjah.

Identifying scrap yards for your region is as simple as googling your emirate name followed by the words “scrap yard.” Call a few scrap yards before investing in a tow trucks service (their phone numbers are usually found on their Google Maps profile). It is not always the case that they want to buy your specific car.

Car Buying Specialists

An alternative to scrap yard hopping is depending on a car buying specialist. Either from the comfort of your home or a nearby shopping mall, the services provided by these companies make selling your car a walk in the park.

Car buying specialists buy any car from you with no exceptions, and the good ones do it quickly. But more importantly, car buying specialists will not value your vehicle based on the amount of metal they can get off it (this is what scrap yards do). Your car will be evaluated based on its functional components and current state. 

The process with car buying specialists usually involves a car inspection, followed by an offer being made to you. Should you agree, the paperwork will be quickly completed and your vehicle sold. 

Click on the following link to visit our FAQ page about car buying specialists as scrap car buyers.

Can I Sell My Car for Scrap at Sell Your Motors?

Yes. Absolutely!

Sell Your Motors is a car buying specialist that prides itself on being the finest scrap car buyer in Dubai. With many branches across the country, Sell Your Motors will buy your vehicle from you in only 30 minutes. 

With us, you don’t need to be intimidated and you definitely don’t have to inhale the hazardous fumes of a scrapyard. Our 20 years of experience in the car buying industry and professional service ensure that you will receive a fair deal for your scrap car, and you will do so seamlessly. 

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