What You Need To Sell Your Used Car In Dubai

Selling your car in Dubai could seem like a daunting feat to undertake. But did you know that there are specific steps you can take if you want to sell your car quickly, conveniently and for a fair price? And did you know that all of this information is readily available online? Selling your used car in Dubai is much easier than most people think. In fact, the entire process can be completed in as little as one day and if you’re lucky enough, in as short a time span as half an hour. But first, you need to understand the factors that influence the value of your car. The type of car you own, its mileage, general condition and even the location where it’s parked are all things that will affect its resale value. To get the best return on investment, follow these five simple steps:

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1) Check For Known Issues Before You Sell Your Used Car in Dubai

A problem that you didn’t even know existed could seriously affect the resale value of your car. Examples of common defects include:

A Bad Paint Job

Paint issues are one of the most common problems with used cars. If your car has been in an accident, or if the paint has been scratched or chipped, then it will have to be repainted. However, repainting a car can be very expensive. If your car has been in an accident, your insurance company will determine whether or not to repaint it based on the cost of the repair. If they decide not to repaint it, you will likely have to do so before selling your car. Even if your car has been repainted and looks great, the buyer will still have to re-spray it when they own the car. Be aware that paint jobs can incur quite a hefty bill. 

Bad Brakes

Are the brakes squealing when you apply them? Do they feel spongy when you push down on the pedal? Or do they just seem to take longer to stop the car than they should? If any of these issues are present, then you may have warped rotors or curbed drums that need to be replaced before you can sell your car. Brake repairs can be very expensive, especially if they involve rotor repairs, so it’s best to have them checked out before you list your car for sale. The best-case scenario is that your vehicle simply needs new brake pads, in which case you can invest in two pairs of budget pads since these are car parts that you don’t always have to invest high amounts of money on (unlike engine and other more sensitive components). Anything to get the squealing to stop will be fine.

2) Run A Background Check Before You Sell Your Used Car in Dubai

Make sure the individual you are selling the car to is trustworthy and actually means business. There are many cases of car sellers being swindled by crafty scammers and gangs in the UAE. Cases of people being conditioned into selling their car for much less than its worth by gangs or being given Arabic cheques dated five years into the future are not unheard of. So make sure that the person you are dealing with has some sort of track record you can fall back on: a Facebook account with family pictures, or an authentic ID you can keep a record of. For more on the car buying scams that occur in Dubai, watch these videos.

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3) Decide On Your Selling Price Before You Sell Your Used Car in Dubai

The price you choose to sell your car for will depend on several things. The condition of your vehicle will have the greatest impact on its value. You should also consider the demand for your car and the location where you are parked when deciding on a price. 

The Condition of Your Car

The condition of your vehicle will be the primary factor in its resale value. Unfortunately, this means that you will get the least amount of money if your car is in “as-new” condition. Cars in this condition are rare and often cost a lot of money to buy. For the most profit, your vehicle should be in “good” condition. Cars in “good” condition are the most common type of used car. They are also the easiest to sell. 

The Demand for Your Car

The demand for your specific make and model will also affect the price you get for your car. Cars that are in high demand tend to be more expensive. Luxury cars will always be in high demand. If you drive an uncommon car, you may have trouble selling it quickly and for the price you want. However, there are car clubs where people who own unusual vehicles can connect. This will help you to find a buyer more quickly. If that isn’t an option, car buying specialists like Sell Your Motors are a great bet.

Otherwise, use this free car price estimator tool that will give you your cars price based on market conditions, demand for your car and many other factors that go into pricing a vehicle.

4) Find The Right Buyer

Some say the best way to find the right buyer for your car is to use an online classifieds service. There are dozens of websites connecting car owners with people who want to buy their car in the UAE. These websites are popular and easy to use. They are also free to both the seller and the buyer. Online classified sites also have built-in fraud protection mechanisms. This will help you minimize scammers who might be searching for cars to steal. But time wasters and tricksters may still find ways through this mechanism. Not to mention the fact that classifieds don’t exactly guarantee you the sale, and it might be quite a while before you find a serious buyer through them.


5) Final Words: Sell Your Used Car In Dubai

An old car can be a money pit, costing you more than it’s worth to keep it on the road. When you sell your car, you want it to be in top condition with low miles to attract a buyer. To sell your car in only 30 minutes, its best to refer to a car buying specialist like Sell Your Motors.

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