Car Ownership Transfer in Dubai FAQ

Cars exchange hands in the UAE (and the Middle East) probably more than anywhere else in the globe. So if it is that point in time in your car’s life journey, read on as we discuss everything you need to know about car ownership transfer in Dubai.

Documents needed for car ownership transfer in UAE

  • Emirates ID of both buyer and seller.
  • Passport copies of both buyer and seller.
  • Driver’s license of both buyer and seller.
  • Electronic insurance of the vehicle.
  • Electronic proof of a redeemed mortgage if applicable.
  • Technical inspection certificate of the vehicle.
  • Dismantled number plate if the buyer will be acquiring them.
  • Classical vehicles need a certificate from the Automobile Touring Club Technical Centre.
  • Buyers with visas sponsored by the Oilfields Supply Centre require a NOC allowing them to register vehicles.
  • Diplomat buyers need a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a valid diplomatic card.

Note: Any outstanding fines and Salik fees on the car about to be sold need to be cleared before it can be sold.

How Do I Transfer Ownership of A Car in Dubai?

  1. Both the buyer and seller need to attend an approved car transfer center. Both Customer Happiness Centres and Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres are valid places.
  2. Next, the relevant documents need to be presented.
  3. The car is tested for a pass report which costs around AED 140.
  4. If the number plate of the vehicle will be changed, then that is done at this stage.
  5. Then, the buyer has to pay for the car’s new insurance.
  6. The vehicle transferal registration fees are paid.
  7. Finally, the new vehicle ownership certificate and new number plates are received. 

How Much Does Mulikiya Transfer Cost?

Private car ownership transfers cost AED 370 for most vehicles. Motorcycles cost AED 200. In both cases, a AED 50 selling agreement must be purchased. Number plates can cost anywhere from AED 35 to AED 500, depending on how luxurious they are.

Where Can I Transfer My Car Ownership in Dubai?

Dubai Happiness Centres and Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres can complete your car ownership transfer for you. Here are a few of them:

How can I transfer my car online in UAE?

Although the relevant documents for a vehicle ownership transferal can be uploaded online, both parties (buyer and seller) need to be present in the chosen transfer center to finalize the deal. Find a list of valid centers above.

Can I Sell My Car Without Emirates ID?

If the seller’s Emirates ID is not valid, a valid passport will suffice according to the UAE’s Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA).

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