All You Must Know About Tire Retreading in UAE

If you’re in the market for new tires and have recently heard of the magic known as retreading, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about tire retreading in the UAE.

What are Retreaded Tires?

Tires that have worn out and exhausted their useful life are equipped with new treads (or the bulgy parts around the circumference of the tire that touch the ground) so that they can be used again.

Tire retreading is an alternative to tires being grounded up and chemically broken down so that they are recycled and essentially used as building materials on roads or parks. Retreaded tires help increase the lifespan of tires in that way.

Not only do retreaded tires require just 20% of the energy needed to create a new tire, but they are also high on performance as well. Add on to that the fact that the amount of harmful greenhouse gases is drastically reduced with retreading.

The Tire Retreading Process

Worn-out tires arrive at the factory for a visual and visual inspection. Here tests are conducted to ensure whether the tire can withstand a treading. (Fun fact: Tires can be retreaded up to two times within their lifetime).

Tires that pass the previous step are fastened to a machine that buffs (or levels out) the remaining treads. The device buffs each tire to the level it can withstand.

The now smoothed out and significantly smaller tire (or tire casing to be more accurate) is then inspected by an individual who ensures there are no post buffing defects and manually fixes them if there are any by more buffing.

Next, the tire’s buffed areas are coated with a thick layer of gum or non vulcanized rubber. These materials are used as sticking agents. A machine is then used to accurately and firmly stick the new treads on the tire encasing. 

The tire is then wrapped with a rubber envelope and vacuum seal that envelopes even the sides of the tire walls.

The tire is then placed into an oven-like capsule-shaped machine (or pressure chamber) along with other tires. Here immense pressure and heat are applied for about three hours until the tires are ready. 

Retread Tires vs New Tires

Retreading tires makes use of old tire casings, which make up about 67% of new tire costs. This means retreading tires is much cheaper than buying new tires. Furthermore, good retreaded tires last just as long as new tires.

But are there any disadvantages to retreaded tires? Surely there must be a downside to recycling the tires you’ve been using for the past four years. 

Are There Disadvantages to Tire Retreading?

The short answer is no. There are no real disadvantages to retreading tires. There used to be concerns in the past about retreaded tires performing poorly under high speeds. That is no longer true as new technology has perfected the retreaded tire.

 The fact is, tire manufacturers, produce tires with a warranty stating that they are durable enough to be retreaded. What exists in the consumer’s mind is an irrational fear of retreaded tires and that is due to a misconception that they are not durable and unsafe. A misconception that is largely due to a lack of knowledge on the subject matter.

Retreaded tires are as strong and as durable as new tires. New budget tires are appearing in the market and they are even cheaper than retreading an old tire. But do these tires stand the test of time? Rarely. As a matter of fact, there are safety concerns with some of the dirt-cheap tires in the market nowadays. I would personally get my tire retreaded instead of buying these sub-par products any day.

Retread Tires Cost in UAE

On average retreading costs around $165 per tire. That is around AED 610.

Are Retreaded Tires Illegal?

Retreading your vehicle’s tires is absolutely legal. The only rare exception is that bus front tires cannot be retreaded.

Tire Retreading Companies in the UAE

Below are a few tire retreading companies from different Emirates that you can contact.

Emirates Tyre Factory

One of the oldest factories in the industry.

Al Dobowi

This company boasts an international presence and has been in operation since 1976.

Midas Tyre Factory

Midas Tyre Factory is located Near Ajman Medical Centre and is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day except for Fridays.

Universal Tyres and Retreading Systems

This tire retreading specialist is located in Dubai and can be reached by phone at: +97143472778.

Al Khaleej Tyre Retreading Factory

This retreading factory is located in Sharjah and can be reached by phone at +971 6 5344040.

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