Tesla Price UAE: A List and Guide

Fans of the eccentric multi-billionaire Elon Musk rejoiced when he recently revealed his insane new armored vehicle in collaboration with the German army. The infantry fighting vehicle was unveiled in response to recent Russian aggression toward Ukraine. The move was preceded by Elon Musk sending many Starlink terminals to aid the Ukrainian forces with fast broadband and satellite imagery of the battlefield. But that is not why you are reading this article. You here for a particular Tesla vehicle price in the UAE. So we thought, why not provide you with a whole list of Tesla prices — non-military ones. 

Below you’ll find Tesla vehicle prices and a short description of each vehicle.

List of Tesla Price UAE

  1. Tesla Model 3: from AED 184,990 to upwards of AED 235,990.
  2. Tesla Model X: from AED 321,000 to upwards of AED 449,990.
  3. Tesla Model Y: from AED 246,990 to upwards of AED 269,990.
  4. Tesla Model S: from AED 350,000 to upwards of AED 454,945.

Tesla Model 3 Price in UAE

The Model 3 can cost AED 184,990 and upwards of AED 235,990 for the Performance Dual Motors All-Wheel Drive version, which is cheaper than all its german competitors.

Tesla Model 3

One of the most popular models of the Tesla brand, this electric vehicle gives you the biggest bang for your buck among all other electric alternatives. Able to go from 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds, the red version of this vehicle is reminiscent of a more spacious and futuristic 2008 Mazda RX-8. However, with the ability to withstand the weight of two full-weight African elephants, this model was built for strength and safety. 

A lower selling price means that performance cuts were made somewhere, and this year it was the battery. The Teslas battery has been reconfigured to drive 10 miles less, but with the added benefit of improving the overall life cycle. The vehicle’s maximum range now is 602 km.

Tesla Model X Price in UAE

The Model X can cost AED 321,000 and upwards of AED 449,990 for the Performance Dual Motors All-Wheel Drive version known as the Plaid. 

Tesla Model X

A six-seater SUV that can go 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds. A supercar and an SUV at the same time? Yes, please. This vehicle has a range of 565 km. This vehicle, however (and as is the case with most Tesla models) has a breaking issue. Or, more precisely, the vehicle can pick up speed so fast and seamlessly that the average break time expectancy drivers are used to is insufficient. Therefore drivers need to develop a habit of breaking early with this vehicle. Nonetheless, this vehicle is one of our favorite SUVs, and we expect it to become widespread in the UAE very soon.

Tesla Model Y Price in UAE

The Tesla Model Y can cost AED 246, 990 and upwards of AED 269,990 for the Performance Dual Motors All-Wheel Drive version.

Tesla Model Y

The compact crossover that looks like a taller Tesla Model 3 with a hatchback is a newer model that started to hit the streets in 2020. Compared to the Model 3, this car has a spacier back. Also, the middle seat is comfortable and has a flat ground for the passenger to rest their feet on. Additionally, the middle seat can be brought down to reveal a pretty spacious space to the car’s trunk/boot. The front boot is quite extensive with 117 Litres of space. There is also a whopping 854 Litres of space at the car’s boot. Owning up to its compact SUV status, this vehicle comes with a seven-seat option.

Tesla Model S Price in UAE

The Model S can cost AED 350,000 and upwards of AED 454,945 for the Performance Dual Motors All-Wheel Drive version known as the Plaid. 

Tesla Model S

 Able to go 0 to 100 in 2.1 seconds, it goes without saying that this is the fastest and sportiest tesla. What’s different about the new Model S is the back end spoiler and the Plaid badge on the back if you go with that version. It also comes with a sleeker-looking face that we’re very fond of. Furthermore, it comes with a yoke steering wheel that some people may not too happy about. The yoke comes with the Model X as well. Another issue with the vehicle is its finicky cup holder cover that automatically slides close every time it is pulled open. Lastly, the vehicle’s back seats are not that comfortable, and legroom seems to be an issue.

Other Financial Matters to Consider When Buying A Tesla in UAE: Powerwalls and Charging

If you purchase a Tesla, you’re going to have to install a powerwall to charge it with. This system that can be connected to your smartphone, and you can customize power use to reduce electrical spending. We say that first, because you’re going to have to spend at least AED 29,400 for a powerwall and its installation. So solar energy options are a great idea for owning these kinds of vehicles.

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