Pay for Parking in Dubai: All You Need to Know About the New SMS Payment System

In a city where free and unlimited parking is almost impossible to find, drivers are scrambling to find ways to save money when they leave their car. The new pay-for-parking system in Dubai has made things more difficult for drivers, but one silver lining is that you can now pay for parking using an SMS code. This article will explain everything you need to know about the new payment system and how you can pay for parking using an SMS code.

What is the New Pay-for-Parking System in Dubai?

Parking in Dubai used to be very simple. You’d find a spot, pay a small fee (usually 2 or 3 Dirhams) to put a parking ticket on your dashboard, and then you’d be free to go about your business for as long as you needed to. These days, things have gotten more complicated. New parking meters take credit cards, debit cards, and are capable of accepting Apple and Android Pay. Parking fines have also increased, so it’s important to pay attention to time limits and stay on top of your payment schedule. The parking payment system has also changed. Instead of putting a ticket on your dashboard, you scan your license plate and pay through your phone. However, the new system is confusing and it can be difficult to know whether you’ve paid correctly. If you’re looking to save money, or you’re struggling to keep track of your parking payments, you can use the new SMS payment system.

How to Pay for Parking Using an SMS Code in Dubai

The easiest way to pay for parking using an SMS code is to sign up for a parking service online. You can either use the parking service that came with your car rental, or you can sign up for a third-party service. There are many companies that offer parking services in Dubai, including Parkt, ParkingMan, and ParkCloud. You can sign up for any one of these services, and then you’ll have a unique SMS code you can use to pay for parking. If you’re parking on the street, you can use an SMS code to pay for parking at all on-street Dubai parking meters. To use an SMS code, follow these steps: – Park your car in a paid parking zone. – Put the parking meter receipt on your dashboard in a clear, visible place. This receipt is what you’ll use to prove that you’ve paid to park. – Enable your phone’s SMS functionality and enter the meter’s code. Look for the meter’s code and enter it into your phone. This will link your phone to the meter. – Enter the length of time you wish to park for. – Enter your license plate number. This is important. If you don’t enter this, the system won’t know which car is getting a ticket. – Once you’ve punched in all this information, an SMS will come through with a payment code. You’ll have 15 minutes to enter this code into the meter. If you don’t, the meter will give you a parking ticket.

Who Can Use the SMS Payment System?

The SMS payment system is available to anyone with a cellphone and a valid Dubai license plate number. If you don’t have a Dubai license plate number, it’s unlikely that this option will work for you, but you might be able to pay for parking using your credit card or Apple Pay. To use the SMS payment system, you’ll need to be in the car, with the engine running, and parked in a paid parking zone. If you’re using a third-party parking service, you’ll also need to install an app on your phone so you can pay for parking.

Fees for Parking Using an SMS Code in Dubai

The parking service you choose will charge a fee for their services, but you can use their app to pay for parking from wherever you are. There is a small fee for parking using the SMS system, but it’s much lower than paying with a credit card or Apple Pay. The SMS parking payment system costs only 1 Dirham per hour, which is lower than the paid parking meter rate. There are also no daily or monthly fees. Remember, if you use the SMS code to pay for parking, make sure you’ve entered the right amount of time. If you don’t, the parking patrol will give you a ticket.

Where to Find the New SMS Codes for Parking

As mentioned above, you can sign up for a parking service online, or you can use the app that came with your car rental. Once you’ve got your new parking service set up, you’ll have a unique SMS code for paying for parking. To find the new SMS codes for parking, start by powering on your engine, and then clicking “Pay for Parking” on your car’s dashboard. Next, click the “Find Parking” button and you’ll see the new SMS code for parking. Make sure you’ve enabled your SMS service so you can receive the code.

Pros and Cons of Paying for Parking Using an SMS Code

The SMS code is a convenient way to pay for parking, but its rates are less than parking meters. The main advantage of the SMS code is that it’s easy to use. You don’t have to mess with change, and you don’t have to remember how long you’ve been parked for. If you’re going to be in the car for a long time, the SMS code would be a good option for parking. Keep in mind that the SMS code might not work at all parking spots, so you’ll have to do some research before you use this option. The biggest downside to the SMS code is that it’s not available at every parking spot. You can’t use it at private parking lots, and it’s unclear if you can use it in lots that haven’t been updated with the new technology. If you’re in a lot that hasn’t been updated, you’ll have to use the traditional parking meter.

Bottom line

The new parking system in Dubai is confusing and complex, but one way to make it easier is to use the SMS parking code. This is especially useful if you’re going to be on the road for a long time and don’t want to deal with parking meters. You can sign up for a parking service online or use the app that came with your rental car to find the new SMS code for parking.

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