The minivan pulls up, its door slides open, and two kids in football apparel come jumping out. This is most likely the image that comes to mind when you hear or see the phrase “cars for mothers.”

Football moms and minivans have become synonymous. And even though minivans are quite functional and convenient, they’re just… plain boring, and ugly, and… don’t get me started.

Being a loving mom that wants what’s best for her kids and family need not mean her getting a sentence to life in a God-awful minivan. So here is a list of five cars a mother can drive, that not only compliment her elegance but also comfortably serve all the functions a mother might need to engage in.

Cars for Mothers 2021

We’ve arranged the list in order of descending price so that there’s a car for each budget range. Without further ado:

1) Chevrolet Tahoe 2021 (185k AED to 265k AED)

The Tahoe is an absolute looker. Not only is it elegantly shaped with a sleek body design, this SUV is very spacious. The car comes with three rows, a high enough roof for tall people on all rows, as well as plenty of legroom in the 3rd row seats – a welcome development from the previous Tahoe’s cramped back seats. And to allow easy access to the 3rd row, the 2nd row folds in such a delightful manner that it makes the process unusually comfortable for cars of this type.

The Tahoe has an immense torque capability of 519 Nm, meaning it can haul quite a bit of weight (almost 4 tons), making it excellent for trips and hauling heavy objects such as a trailer. This can be the perfect vehicle for camping. This leads us to the next point: the car’s hatch.

The Tahoe’s luggage space on the car’s backside can be drastically enlarged by the push of a button. This button automatically makes the 2 back rows of the vehicle fold into a completely level surface.

Equipped with a sizable touch screen that serves as a media centre, drivers who face difficulty manoeuvring in and out of tight places will be greatly aided by a 360-degree view of the vehicle provided on the screen.

2) Toyota RAV4 2021 (90k AED to 140k AED)

Suited for both in-city travel and off-road adventures, the RAV4 2021 comes with a bold look and one of the most powerful engines in the Toyota world.  With only two rows of seats, this vehicle is geared for economic fuel use. The car also comes with Hybrid versions and many, many different trims. Here are some of the features you’ll find in this selection of vehicles:

  • A sizable touch screen display equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 which is a bundle of safety functions that include things like pre-collision systems and lane departure alerts.
  • Multi-terrain Select System that allows drivers to select presets for the kind of terrain they plan to drive on e.g. sand.
  • Toyota’s Bird Eye view system that equips drivers with a bird’s eye view of the car thanks to four cameras placed on the corners of the car’s exterior.
  • And lastly, the Adaptive Front Headlight System (AFS) that automatically switches between headlight strengths depending on the situation.

3) Mazda CX-5 2021 (100k AED to 145k AED)

Size isn’t everything. And big is sometimes too big. The Mazda balances things out on that end. It’s an SUV, but it’s nice and compact.

The Mazda CX-5 is pretty darn sporty for an SUV. Add on to that the fact that it has one of the most premium interiors of the compact SUV range.

Like the Tahoe, it also comes with a 360 camera. But it also comes with automatic reverse brakes for when you reverse too close to an object, and a display that is sadly not a touch screen.

On the downside, the car’s seating arrangement is a bit narrow and tight. Sorry tall moms, this one might not be for you.

4) Toyota Seinna 2021 – The Only Minivan on Our “Cars for Mothers” List

Yes, it’s a minivan, but it may as well as not be. That’s because it doesn’t look or even feel like a minivan.

The Sienna comes with either a 7 or 8 seat arrangement. Overall, it’s spacious except for the 3rd row which is a bit compacted. Passengers will enjoy easy access to the 3rd row but bringing the second-row seats back down can require a bit of effort. That’s why on the 8 seats Siennas, the 8th seat (located at the middle of the 2nd row) can be dismantled and tucked away neatly in a special compartment on the car’s trunk. For more space in the car’s trunk, you’ll have to manually fold the 3rd row seats.

All Siennas are hybrids and enjoy great fuel usage rates. Otherwise, the vehicle’s door comes with a standard electric power slide function that’ll make it easy for the little ones to access the vehicle.

The car’s safety options include a collision warning system with pedestrian awareness. It also comes equipped with a lane leaving assist system. 

There are 7 USB ports in the car and so a ceasefire over who gets to charge their device can finally be reached. In addition, a display on the dashboard shows you which kid doesn’t have their seatbelt on so you know who to shout on. The Premium version also comes with a built-in fridge and vacuum cleaner.

5) Toyota Camry 2021 (95k AED to 123k AED)

Not all moms prefer or even want big cars. Some are perfectly fine driving a spacious sedan or hell even a hatchback. Different strokes for different folks. For those cheeky individuals, here’s the sedan we’ve selected for our cars for mothers list: the Camry.

This is by far the meanest look on a Camry thus far. The car comes in many versions: L grades, S grades and even Hybrid grades.

The car has:

  • Spacious back seats.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto accessibility.
  • It comes with the options of a HUD display that appears on the cars windshield as well as a wireless charging bay.
  • Toyota Birds Eye view and Toyota Safety 2.5.

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