Lane Changing Rules in UAE

Unbeknownst to most, lane switching accidents are the leading cause of death in car accidents in the UAE. Unfortunately, the fact is that not many people obey the proper road etiquette when it comes to lane switching. And the results are disastrous. In this blog, we try to mitigate this sad but regular occurrence by outlining the lane changing rules in UAE and discussing the fines that are incurred should one not obey these regulations. 

What are the Lane Changing Rules in UAE?

  1. Turn your indicators on at least three seconds before making the turn.
  2. Make sure all cars are at a safe distance from you.
  3. Accelerate or decelerate to match the speed of the lane you are switching to.
  4. Only switch one lane at a time.
  5. Be sure not to turn the steering wheel while looking at side and rear mirrors. Only glance at these mirrors and keep your eyes focused on the road to avoid this.
  6. Be on the rightmost lane early on if you intend to exit the road/highway.
  7. Keep in the middle lanes if you are not going to exit in the coming intersections.
  8. Only use the left-most lane of a highway if you want to overtake the vehicle in your current lane. Return to your lane after successfully overtaking.
  9. Drive defensively and assume you are the only sane driver on the road.

Can You Be Fined for Changing Lanes in UAE?

Yes. If a driver swerves suddenly into another lane, they are fined AED 1,000, and four black points are added to their license. If they change lanes without using their indicator, they are fined AED 400 and four black points to their license. If the driver is guilty of both, he is fined AED 1,400, and four black points are added to their license.

For more about RTA fines in the UAE, click on the previous link.

What is Lane Discipline Dubai: Lane Changing Rules in UAE

  • Start by looking at the rearview mirror, side mirrors, and blind-spot (through your backdoor glass window) to ensure the coast is clear.
  • Maintain the speed of the cars around you, don’t slow down or speed up too much.
  • Ensure the car you’re going to overpass is far enough from you. If the vehicle is not visible in your side mirrors, it is too close.
  • Turn your indicators on at least three seconds before making the turn.
  • Don’t veer off to the very edge of the lane to avoid an obstacle on the road. You either switch lanes and then come back to your lane, or you don’t change lanes and wait for the obstacle to move from the way.
  • If your vehicle has a lane assist feature, pay attention to it!

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