How to Wax Your Car

Many people are unaware of the fact that car bodies need to be waxed. When a car’s exterior starts to look faded and old, they think it’s simply part of the ageing process. Well, unbeknownst to most, the paint on a car’s body needs to be kept pliable. And if not waxed, it’ll dry, crack, fade and rust. Learning how to wax your car is essential in preventing that.

Some people have owned cars for years and haven’t waxed them not even once. While others have owned cars for longer intervals, but their car looks just like it did the day it was bought. Here’s how you can do the same.

How to Wax Your Car in UAE

The waxing process is pretty straightforward and you need not be intimidated by it. Most of the items required can be found lying around your house, and the process itself doesn’t take long to complete.

A word of caution: As the UAE is a sandy country, it’s best to wax your car on days that aren’t windy or even in an indoor garage if that’s possible. Just a little dust landing on your car during the process can be absolutely damaging to the process.

Prepare Your Car for Waxing

Waxing a dirty car won’t work and can cause scratches. Start by first washing your car. Make sure you don’t leave any smudges or dirt behind as this will hinder your wax covering. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your car body, dry the car with a towel.

Patiently Allow Your Car to Fully Dry

To ensure that your car is fully dried, let your car sit for about an hour in a dry area. In the meanwhile, reposition your car to a shaded area if it isn’t in one already. A wet car and a sunny area are both individually harmful to the waxing process. Direct sunlight will result in spots to your finished layer of wax, as well as causing unnecessary heat to the car body which is also detrimental to the waxing process. A wet car body on the other hand will mix with the wax in ways that will hinder the process. 

How to Wax Your Car Tip: Choose the Right Wax

There are many kinds of car waxes, but these are the two main categories:

Liquid Waxes

These waxes’ main advantage is the fact that they’re easy to apply. But their coatings usually don’t last, and thus, your vehicle won’t be protected for long.

Solid Waxes

These are hard waxes and are harder to apply than their liquid counterpart. But they last longer and will make your car look better in the long run. We recommend you go with this type.

Apply Wax to Applicator

Grab a microfibre wax applicator that usually comes in the size of your palm and is shaped like a flattened bun of bread. Don’t worry about acquiring one as they usually come packaged with your car wax product.  Apply wax to the applicator by rubbing the applicator on the hard wax in the container so that it has gathered a decent amount of wax on it. Next start to rub the waxed side of the applicator on your car using a circular motion.

Work in Parts

Only apply wax to small portions of the car at a time. That’s because you don’t want the wax drying off before you start to buff it. Dry wax will make the job more difficult and can leave you with an uneven or blotted finish. So for example, if you are going to wax the hood of your car, start applying wax on the left half of the hood and then quickly on the right side. 

Let the Wax Dry

Wait a few minutes for the waxed areas to dry. Once the left side starts to get dry and the wax starts turning to a hazy white colour, it’s now time to start buffing that left side.


Some people insist that you use a microfibre towel for this step, but a clean old towel will do just fine. Now start rubbing the left side of the hood and turning the towel as you proceed to use the sides that haven’t been covered in wax yet, every so often. By the time you’ve completed the left side, the right side would have dried up sufficiently, so repeat the process on that side as well. 

Apply the above steps for the remaining parts of the car and you’re good to go.

How Often Do You Need to Wax Your Car?

Four times per year is ideal. That’s once at the beginning of every season.

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