How to Clean Your Car Engine

In this blog, we cover how you can get your car’s engine looking brand new in the quickest way possible. Most engine cleaning guides use a ridiculous number of procedures, several tools, many products, and above all else, a lot of time. Not everyone enjoys all those luxuries — especially not the last one. With our method, your under the hood components will become squeaky clean in under 5 minutes. Here’s how to clean your car engine:

How to Clean Car Engine: The No Scrub No Rub Method

The Most Important Step on Our How to Clean Car Engine Guide: Selecting the Right Product

P21S Total Auto Wash. Okay, so this is where all the magic is from. You can’t go forward without this. The right cleaning solution is absolutely essential to our 5-minute process. This multi-use intensive cleaner works wonders. Products like it will also do.

Prepare the Car

First make sure that your engine is cool, if it isn’t give it an hour or so to cool. Hotter areas will take longer to cool an engine down. Next, cover the engine’s alternator with a plastic bag. Refer to the image below if you are unsure what this part looks like. It can usually be found on the side of your engine.

Now that all sensitive parts have been covered, make sure you are in a place that isn’t windy or dusty to avoid any adverse reactions with the cleaning solution.

Spray the Product Everywhere

Don’t saturate the cleaner with water but rather spray it in its concentrated form directly on your vehicles engine bay. Don’t drench the bay area but be also try to be generous with the product and make sure that it touches everything, even the cars battery. Paint, plastic, and anything in the engine compartment won’t be harmed by this product. The product will make its way around even the hard to see parts of the compartment if you spray enough of it.

Set a Timer

As soon as you’re done spraying, grab a stopwatch or timer and set it for one minute, no more and no less. As soon as the timer goes off start washing the cleaner off.

Wash it All Away With A Water Hose

Don’t use a high-pressure hose as that can be damaging. A normal water hose will do just fine. Rinse all the cleaner away with normal water. Be thorough with your rinsing and don’t rush this step. You have to be absolutely certain that all of the liquid cleaner has been washed away.

Dry the Cleaned Area

Next, grab an air compressor or even a leaf-blower and start blowing away any remaining water droplets from your engine compartment. There will be areas where water will still remain. Don’t let this bother you, they’ll dry on their own. Now grab a towel and start drying the areas within your reach.

Start the Engine to Complete the Process

Starting the engine will send water flying from your engine’s pulleys, belts, and other parts, and that’s okay. Next, enter the car and take it for a 10-minute drive. The air on the way will dry your engine even further. Now open your hood and admire your brand new looking engine. No scrubbing, no rubbing and no time wasted. This method yields amazing results for something so simple and of minimal effort.

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