How to Remove Scratches from Your Car Quickly

Have you recently been the victim of a hit and run? Or do you simply want to prepare your car for a sale? Either way, a scratched car body is a source of stress for both car owners and prospective buyers alike. In this blog, we’ll cover a quick and surprising way to remove those ungodly scratches from your vehicles shiny surface. Here’s how to remove scratches from car body quickly:

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How to Remove Scratches from Your Car Quickly: Toothpaste

This method is simple and doesn’t require much effort or equipment. All you’ll need is some white PASTE toothpaste. We emphasize the word paste because gel toothpastes won’t do. You want to use white pastey toothpastes – especially the ones labelled as whitening toothpastes. That’s because these pastes have an abrasive nature that will be helpful in removing scuffs and scratches.

This method is guaranteed to blow your mind with how much it can achieve in restoring your car to its pre-accident state with such minimal effort and investment. But be aware that this method will only work if the scuff or scratch has not damaged your car body’s middle paint layer and if the scratch is not deeper than the tip of your finger — that is as deep as the car’s top layer of paint.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the scratched area with water and a paper towel. Make sure you remove any dust or debris that may be lodged within the scuffed area. Lingering debris will only hinder the process and in some cases even damage the area you intend to fix.

Step 2

After you’re sure the area is clean, apply a line of toothpaste to the area and start to massage it in using your fingers. Use a circular motion to do that to ensure that the toothpaste gets into every angle of the intended area. The amount of toothpaste you use should generally be a line as long as your pinkie finger. This amount is sufficient for a damaged area the size of half your palm. When in doubt, lean more towards using more toothpaste.

Step 3

Next start to buff the area with a paper towel. Buffing is the action of rubbing an area with the intention to polish it or clean it through friction. After that, apply water with a spray bottle (if you have one) and start to rub the buffed area some more with a paper towel. If you can’t secure an empty spray bottle for this stage simply use your hand to flick droplets of water onto the area.

Gradually the scuff marks and scratch marks should start to wear off. Spray more water and start to clean what remains of the toothpaste.

If there are still some scuff marks or scratches that remain on the area you’ve cleaned, you can go for another round of buffing with toothpaste.

Finally, grab a clean towel and start to dry the area you just cleaned, and voila! The miraculous restoration of your cars body surface.

How to Remove Scratches from Your Car and Sell it to Sell Your Motors

First impressions are important. Doubly so when selling a car. The first thing a prospective buyer lays their eyes on is the car’s exterior. Now that you’ve taken care of that part, there are a few more steps to take. Find a list of blogs that outline the activities that will help you prepare your car for a sale below. After that comes the most stressful stage of the journey, the actual sales process. From classified websites to local car dealers and brokers, the options are many… but none are guaranteed to give you a fair deal and a quick process. That’s where we come in. Sell Your Motors is a car buying specialist in the UAE that buys your car directly from you on the spot in only 30 minutes.

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