3 Ways to Quickly Cash Your Car in the UAE

Is it time for a new car? Are you considering options for selling your car in the UAE? Then you’re in the right place. This blog will cover the top 3 options to cash your car in UAE.

What are the Best Ways to Cash Your Car in the UAE?

Although there are many ways one can sell their car in the United Arab Emirates, we’ll only cover the top 3 options in this blog. They are classified websites, car buying specialists, and car dealers. We’ll go through them in order of worst to best.

Car Dealers

So the average car user will tell you that this option is the easiest and most trustable. Although we’re not going to say they are entirely wrong, we’re going to add this: there are faster options that can offer you a better price. The fact is, car dealers are notorious for underpricing your car. It is rare to find instances where the dealer will provide you with a price near what you would get should you decide to brave through the process and sell your car privately to another individual. Another downside is that if you are dealing with a brand dealer such as Toyota or Ford, you will be limited to trade-ins (or part-exchanges). That is, you can only sell your car in exchange for a different model of the same brand. Although some brand dealers accept buying vehicles that aren’t the same brand as theirs, they usually only offer good deals on cars in excellent condition and those that haven’t weathered too severely.


Classifieds are e-commerce platforms that connect buyers and sellers. A seller will upload pictures and details of the car they are selling along with their own contact details. Then they will wait for prospects to contact them. The classifieds available in the UAE are numerous, and some of them are solely designed for car selling. Other classifieds offer a vehicle subsection as a more minor part of their websites/ apps activities. 

Although classifieds try to build an e-commerce environment that thrives on transparency and honesty, the reality is that buyers and sellers are left to their own devices once they are connected through the platform. The platform has little to no control over what ensues after that. 

Stories of car scamming gangs that target innocent and naive car sellers are not unheard of. One example of what usually happens is that a group of scammers will select one car seller and will take turns to approach that seller individually to make them believe that the asking price for their car is too high. The scam reaches its climax when one of the scammers eventually offers a price higher than what his fellow con artists have been offering but still much lower than what the car is worth. By then, the unlucky victim is usually fooled into thinking their asking price is too high as they acquiesce to a cheaper sale.

Apart from scammers, classified sites also run short on the “guaranteeing you a sale” department. Your car ad on the site may get responses, but there is no guarantee that your car will be sold.

Car Buying Specialists

Car buying specialists are businesses that buy cars from individuals to sell them again to a third party. What’s great about these entities is that they usually purchase all types of vehicles (even scrap cars) regardless of their condition. Moreover, distinguished car buying specialists offer a free quick inspection and can buy your vehicle from you in a matter of no time. But above all of that, they won’t devalue your car like most other options in the market and will give you hard cash for your vehicle. Furthermore, they don’t require that you buy your new car from them. That is why car buying specialists are your best bet when it’s time to cash your car in UAE.

Sell Your Motors: The Best Place to Cash Your Car in the UAE

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