How to Check Sharjah Police Traffic Fines: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t enjoy receiving unexpected bills in the post. And luckily with the internet being so commonplace these days, it’s pretty easy to look up information online without having to go into a library or anything. There are lots of websites that list the fines for speeding and other traffic offences. We found some sites that share them online, and they include information on how much you should expect to pay if caught by police in Sharjah and other emirates. The good news is that many websites have this information listed as well. These sites typically give you a detailed breakdown of all the fines associated with breaking traffic laws in various emirates within the UAE – including Sharjah Police Traffic Fines – but be aware that these sites often have advertisements as well, so double check all links before clicking on them!

Check Sharjah police traffic fines: What to expect from Sharjah Police Traffic Fines

The basic fine for speeding in the UAE is AED 100, and if you’re caught driving over 100km/h, you could be subject to imprisonment and a fine of up to AED 5,000. However, the fines are way higher in Sharjah, with the basic fine for exceeding the speed limit here being AED 2,000. The fine for reckless driving is AED 1,000, and for driving under the influence of alcohol, you can expect to pay AED 2,000.

Stay on the Right Side of the Road

For turning right on a red light, the basic fine is AED 500, but in Sharjah this is doubled to AED 1,000. This is much less than the fines for failing to follow the correct right-hand side rule. The basic fine for this is AED 2,000, with the possibility of imprisonment for up to three months.


If caught driving over the speed limit, you can expect to pay a fine of AED 2,000. The same applies to reckless driving.

Careless Driving

If caught driving in a careless manner, you can expect a fine of AED 1,000.

Violation of Electronic Road Pricing Rules

If you break the rules of the road pricing system in the city, you can expect to pay a fine of AED 1,000.

Check Sharjah police traffic fines: Jumping a Red Light

If you are caught jumping a red light, you can expect to pay AED 1,000.

Check Sharjah police traffic fines: Conclusion

Overall, you can expect to pay between AED 1,000 and AED 2,000 for most of the traffic offences in Sharjah. If you are caught speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, or driving under the influence of alcohol, you can expect to pay a fine of AED 2,000. These fines are relatively high, but that’s because the UAE has strict laws for driving on the road. However, if you ensure you follow the rules of the road, you should be able to avoid receiving fines in the first place.

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