How to maintain your car engine?

You wouldn’t keep your house looking its best with just a quick dusting once every few weeks, would you? Likewise, keeping your car engine clean and oiled is just as important as keeping it hygienic to ensure proper functioning. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of regular maintain of your car engine, how often you should do it, and what tools you might need.

What is the purpose of car engine maintenance?

Whether you drive to work, take the kids to soccer practice, or just like to cruise around town, your car engine is a critical part of the vehicle. It drives the wheels, so as you can imagine, it is integral to your driving experience. Besides having to be maintained regularly, the engine can also experience serious damage due to neglect. Regular maintenance ensures that you do not have to worry about any repairs, or the costly replacement of your engine. It can prevent damage to the engine and help maintain its performance over time. Plus, it’s super fun to do! Improved engine performance, shorter maintenance intervals, and a more confident driver are just a few of the benefits of regularly maintaining your car’s engine.

Why you should maintain your car engine?

Shredded clutch and transmission bands, overheated pistons, and seized engines are just some of the things that a neglected engine can experience. The longer you put off maintenance, the more likely you are to experience these issues. Plus, there is also the risk of bigger and more expensive repairs down the road. So, no matter how old your car is, you should maintain it, and do it regularly. – Prevent damage to the engine: Over time, dirt and dust will collect in places a motor does not get access to. This, in turn, can cause overheating and in some cases, even engine damage. Regularly cleaning your engine will avoid this. – Prevent overheating: Overheating reduces the load on the bearings, pistons, and other components of your engine. This, in turn, reduces the vehicle’s performance and reliability. Preventing overheating will ensure better performance and longer engine life. – Maintain performance: Properly maintained engines will last longer, deliver better performance, and also produce more power. – Save money: An engine maintained regularly will require fewer repairs, and be less expensive to service. – Make your engine last longer: Properly maintained engines are less likely to experience complete engine failure. – Enjoy driving: Cleaning your engine and performing regular maintenance will keep it operating at its peak.

Tools you need for car engine maintenance

– Engine degreaser: You don’t necessarily need to own an industrial-grade engine degreaser, but one that is formulated for engines is a must. You can use it to get rid of accumulated dirt and grime from the engine and other parts of the car. Look for a degreaser that has a high methylated spirits content. This will break down engine-damaging deposits and leave the engine clean. – Engine oil filter: A dirty, clogged oil filter will cause your engine to overheat and even damage the engine. Clean it out regularly with an oil filter cleaner. – Spark plugs: If you have been maintaining your car’s engine, it is likely that you have changed the spark plugs at regular intervals. However, if you did not, this is a good time to do so.

Steps to take care of your car engine

– Check the engine oil: Before you start working on anything else, make sure your car engine is properly lubricated with oil. This is important because it keeps the moving parts of the engine moving smoothly. – Change the spark plugs: In addition to cleaning out the oil filter and changing the oil, spark plugs are another part of the engine that wears out with time. Change these, too, to avoid a costly repair down the road. – Change the air filter: Like the air filter in your home, your car’s air filter will eventually become clogged. This will reduce the amount of air entering the engine and can cause overheating, reduced performance, and even engine damage. Change the air filter. – Change the cabin air filter: This is one of the most overlooked items on the maintenance checklist. Change the cabin air filter, too, once a year. This will keep harmful contaminants out of the cabin and your lungs.

Things to avoid while maintaining your car’s engine

– Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners. Some engine degreasers are formulated with abrasive compounds that could damage your engine. Use a mild soap or degreasing solvent instead. – Don’t pour fuel into an open gas tank. This is the same rule you would follow for the lawn mower, lawn trimmer, or other open-fuel-cap equipment. – Don’t use a blow dryer on the engine. This could cause serious damage to the piston rings and other seals. – Don’t rev the engine. This will cause excessive wear on the bearings, valves, and other engine components. – Don’t race your car on public streets. Racing on public streets is illegal and extremely dangerous! – Don’t take your car on a long, high-speed drive on a closed course. This is a quick way to ruin the engine.


> What is the difference between a car engine and a lawn mower? They both need to be cleaned, oiled, and maintained. The only difference is that a car engine is powered by an internal combustion engine and you would clean it with a car engine degreaser and spark plugs. A lawn mower does not have an internal combustion engine, so you would clean it with a lawn mower degreaser and spark plugs. 

> Which car engine oil should I use? There are multiple factors that determine which car engine oil to use. The factors are the type of car engine, the weather, the driving conditions, and the time of year. The best way to find the right oil is to consult your car owner’s manual. You may also want to use the oil life expectancy formula to determine if you need to change your oil at the recommended intervals. 

> How often should I change my car’s engine oil? The engine oil change interval is very dependent on the type of car engine, driving conditions, and driving habits. The best way to determine if you need to change your car engine’s oil is to consult your car owner’s manual.


The health of your car engine is critical to its performance and reliability. Regular maintain of your car engine will ensure smooth driving and save you money on repairs and replacement parts down the road. Whether you drive a sedan, truck, or SUV, there are certain steps you can take to keep your engine performing at its best.

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