how to check mulkiya expiry date online dubai

How To Check Mulkiya Expiry Date Online in Dubai

It is very critical to ensure that your vehicle is not expired. It will save you money in the event that you do not postpone your Mulkiya (Vehicle Ownership Card) renewal. The UAE Road Transport Authority (RTA) has made it simple and fast to renew your Mulkiya. Using the mulkiya card, you may check your vehicle’s expiration date in a variety of ways. Here, we discuss how to check your mulkiya expiry date online in Dubai.

It is vital to check the vehicle expiry date, and it will save you money by avoiding penalties. Your Mulkiya (Vehicle Ownership Card) should not be delayed. The Road Transport Authority(RTA) in the UAE has made the process of renewing your licence quick and simple. The authorities have made it possible to check your Mulkiya card online in several ways. In this post, we describe how you can check your vehicle’s expiry date through your Mulkiya card.

Check Mulkiya Expiry Date Online in Dubai

Through different government sources, you can check the vehicle expiry date to find out when your vehicle’s registration expires. You may then arrange for renewal services through the RTA’s official website or application, provided you know when your vehicle will expire. Here is a list of renewal services available in the UAE.

The Dubai RTA website and App can be used to obtain information about road transport in the UAE. You can discover the present state of your Mulkiya using the website or app. After you find out whether your Mulkiya is still valid, you may renew by providing your car’s licence number. On the screen, you will be asked to enter your vehicle’s licence number after you select ‘Check Vehicle expiry’.

You can find out if a vehicle has expired by visiting the RTA website or using the Dubai Drive Mobile app. If you need help, contact the call centre at 8009090.

TAMM is a digital platform that provides services to organisations in the transportation industry. For any Abu Dhabi government services, you may check your vehicle’s expiry date through TAMM. You may access Abu Dhabi government services through TAMM. TAMM offers the same process as RTA’s online portal to check your mulkiya status. To renew your mulkiya card, sign in to your account, then follow the process and check your status. Once your card is due for renewal, you may do so on the TAMM e-service.

The Ministry of Interior or the MOI web portal provides mulkiya registration renewal for all emirates in the UAE. In order to take advantage of the services, you should create an account and select the vehicle renewal option which is available through e-service.

Emirates Vehicle Gate provides e-services for motorists in different countries, including Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. You must have an account to use the portal. You may select to get a new registration card once you log in. After checking the status of your vehicle’s expiry, you may apply for a renewal. To renew your vehicle, you must clear all outstanding fines, have a vehicle inspection, and have vehicle insurance.

How can I check and find out the expiry date of Mulkiya online in Dubai?

• You can verify Mulkiya’s expiry date on the online platform through the given ways.

To renew a mulkiya, you must fulfil the following requirements.

Prior to renewing the vehicle, you must have clearance on the vehicle inspection, vehicle insurance, and pay off any outstanding penalties.

Inspections and insurance are both essential to keep equipment and people safe.

There are vehicle inspection facilities across the country. Vehicle inspection may take anywhere from 40 minutes to as long as the vehicle requires it. During the Mulkiya renewal period, car insurance should be active. Vehicle owners may get their vehicles inspected at testing centres. The following testing centres are listed.

Through the online portal, vehicle insurance in UAE can be purchased. The inspection companies offer a variety of services to car owners. Get in touch with car insurance companies to learn about the services they provide. The list below includes some of the UAE car insurance companies.

Penalties for non-payment of a payoff.

Prior to mulkiya being calculated, all outstanding vehicle penalties should be cleared. The renewal amount is calculated by adding up all the penalties on the vehicle. Traffic fines should be paid off, and the amount will be added to the renewal amount.


It’s crucial to be aware of the expiry date on your vehicle so that you don’t get slapped with a fine or lose your mulkiya. There are different rates for mulkiya renewals depending on the vehicle. You may request a temporary mulkiya card while waiting for your permanent card to be mailed, which can be easily completed.

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