How to Renew Mulkiya Online

Renewing your mulkiya is one of the most important things you need to do as an expat in the UAE. You need to renew your residency permit every three months, or six months if you’re a spouse or dependant. Depending on how long you’ve been living in the country, and whether or not you have family there, you may be eligible for faster renewal. If you don’t keep up with renewing your mulkiya, it can expire. That’s why we’re here to explain everything that you need to know on how to renew your mulkiya online in the UAE.

Renew Mulkiya Online: What is a mulkiya?

A mulkiya is the official residency permit that allows you to stay in the United Arab Emirates. If you’re an expat, you’ll likely also get a ‘temporary residence permit’, or ‘residence card’ at the same time, which is your proof of residency in the country. Other than a passport, your residency card is the most important document for living in the UAE. Your mulkiya and residence permit are the basis of your legal status in the country. If you lose or have your card stolen, you have to apply for a new one.

How to renew your UAE residency permit

You have to renew your residency permit every three months or six months if you’re a spouse or dependant. When your permit expires, you have to get a new one. Since you have to submit an application and pay a fee each time you renew your mulkiya, it’s a good idea to get it done as soon as possible. You can renew online, via mail, by fax, or in person at the immigration office. To renew your UAE residency permit online, you need to visit your ‘My iERA’ account and click ‘Renew Residence Permit’. Next, you’ll fill in the online application form. You can renew your residence permit online as long as you’ve got enough money to pay the required fees. Most UAE residents renew their mulkiya online.

How long does it take to renew your Mulkiya Online?

The immigration office that processes your renewal application will decide how long it will take to process it. But it’s probably best to renew your mulkiya as soon as possible. It’s better to wait a few weeks, and then renew your permit, than to have it expire, and then have to renew it again. If you renew your mulkiya too late, it should still be easy to get a new one. Most immigration offices should have extra permits that have just expired. It’s a good idea to call ahead, and make an appointment to come in and renew your mulkiya. If you can’t get an appointment in time, you can also renew your permit at the immigration office.

Types of UAE Residency Permits

There are three types of UAE residency permits: – A 3-month temporary residence permit – A 5-year temporary residence permit – A 10-year temporary residence permit

Residence Card

If you don’t have a mulkiya, you can also get a residence card. It’s the same as a UAE ID card, and serves the same purpose. It has a photo, your name, and your signature on it. You can get a residence card at the same time as your mulkiya. It’s a single-use card, so keep it safe and secure, and don’t share it with anyone else. You’ll attach it to your passport when you travel, so it’s important that it remains with you. You can also use your residence card as proof of your legal status in the UAE. It’s also good to have in case an immigration official stops you on the street and asks for proof of your legal status in the country.

Temporary Residence Permit

If you want to stay in the UAE for a longer period, for example if you have a family in the country, you’ll likely get a temporary residence permit or ‘residence card’. You’ll have to apply for this permit from the Ministry of Interior. You may be eligible for a 5-year or 10-year resident permit, depending on your circumstances. If you’re eligible for a 5-year permit, you’ll have to have been living in the UAE for at least 7 years. If you’re eligible for a 10-year resident permit, you’ll have to have been living in the country for at least 10 years.

Updating your address on the Residency Card

When you renew your UAE residency permit, you need to update your address on your residence card. This way, the immigration office will know where you live. You can update your address online, by mail, or at the immigration office. If you update your address online, you can also update your passport number. There are different rules for updating your address through the mail and at the immigration office. You’ll have to follow the instructions they give you, and they may differ depending on which office you go to.

When will my new mulkiya be delivered?

If you renew your residence permit online, you should get your new mulkiya in about two weeks. If you renew your residence permit at a branch office, you should get it in about two weeks, too. If you renew your residency permit at the immigration office, you should get it in about two weeks. It’s important to get your new mulkiya as soon as possible, because it shows you’re a legal resident of the UAE. It’s also a good idea to wait until you get your new mulkiya before renewing your visa. If you renew your visa too soon, you may have to wait too long to renew your mulkiya.

Updating your passport for the new mulkiya

When you get your new residence permit, you’ll need to update your passport with a new photo. You can do this at the passport office, or show your new residence card at the passport office. You don’t need to pay a fee for this, and it usually takes less than an hour.

Where can you get a new mulkiya online?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of renewing your residence permit, and you don’t want to get a new passport and photo, you can also get a new UAE residence card online. This is the least secure option, and you should only use it if you don’t want to renew your residence permit. You may want to consider this option, however, if you’re worried about renewing your mulkiya.

Renew Mulkiya Online: Conclusion

As an expat in the UAE, you’re required to keep your mulkiya valid. That means renewing your residency card every three or six months, or every time you come to the country. You also have to update your passport with a new photo every time you come to the UAE. With these three easy steps, you can renew your mulkiya and keep it valid for years to come.

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