Change UAE Driving License: Automatic to Manual

It is a known fact that some folks view driving a manual vehicle as the more masculine option. What to most is an upgrade (an automatic vehicle) is seen by others as a disability. Whether you thoroughly enjoy the dopamine hit that comes with shifting a manual gear, or you just grew accustomed to driving manual, this blog covers everything you need to know about switching your UAE driving license from automatic to manual.

How to Switch Your UAE License from Automatic to Manual

A manual driving test is required to switch to a manual license. Driving classes are not compulsory in the UAE. All that is needed is for you to apply for a driving test through the RTA and pass that test at the driving center.

How to Change Automatic License to Manual in UAE Online

  1. Visit the “Apply for A New Driving License” section of the RTA website through this link:
  2. Click “Apply Now.”
  3. Select the “Driving License” icon presented on the screen, and input your license number and its issuance date.
  4.  Click “Next.”
  5. A code will then be sent to the mobile number registered with your driver’s license. Input that code into the website’s portal.
  6.  Next, you are taken to a screen where you can choose to switch from an automatic license to a manual one.
  7. Then you are asked to select a driving institute and a date to undergo your driving test.
  8. After that, the driving institute you have selected will call you to confirm the booking.
  9. After you have passed the test, your license will be switched to a manual one.

What Happens if You Fail the Automatic to Manual Driving Test?

Fear not. The RTA will send you driving tips specific to you to help you improve your manual driving skills. You can undergo the test again once you feel you are ready. Taking a few driving classes will be a great idea and will save you time.

How to Pass a Manual Driving Test in the UAE

When switching from an automatic to a manual license, your driving test will simply test your confidence and ability to operate a manual vehicle. This is not a fulll driving test. Below are the things your examiner will focus on:

  • How well you switch gears.
  • How well you pay attention to the road while changing gears.
  • How well you operate the clutch.
  • How well you brake with a manual car.
  • How well you accelerate.

How Much Does it Cost to Switch Your UAE Driving License from Automatic to Manual?

The road test costs around AED 300, but you can expect to pay a little more in service fees to the driving institute that will test you.

Can Automatic License Holders Drive Manual in UAE?

The UAE does not allow automatic license holders to operate manual vehicles. On the other hand, manual license owners can drive automatic vehicles. However, the transition from an automatic license to a manual one has been made easier in the UAE during the previous years and license holders need not fret about the process.

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