How to wash a convertible car?

It is summer, the season of getting out of the air-conditioned house and spending time outdoors. And what could be cooler than lounging in the back seat of your car on a hot day? Washing your car doesn’t have to be such a pain. It does not require you to scrub for hours and hours and spend lots on it either. You can take care of your vehicle with a few tricks, not just during this time of the year. The convertible top is susceptible to lots of things – from oils from your skin, sweat from your body and sand from the streets. A regular wash for your convertible car once in a while will keep dirt particles at bay, extending the life of your soft top by years.

Jump-start your convertible car and wash it immediately after

The convertible top of your car is not only delicate, but it also absorbs a lot of things. This can get really messy really fast. So if you park your car outside and jump-start the battery, wash it right away. This will not only remove any dirt that could damage your soft top, but also remove any excess water droplets that could cause damage to the car’s paint.

Add soap and water to a sponge and start scrubbing

Start scrubbing from the roof and work your way down. Scrub the whole surface of the roof, the trunk, sides and doors of the car. Scrub until you feel no more dirt present. You can also use a wash mop to get into the crevices. Alternatively, you can use the sponge to wash the roof and sides. Starting from the roof, scrub the rest of the car with the sponge dipped in water. Then switch over to a soap based sponge and scrub the sides and the doors. Washing with a soap sponge helps get rid of any dirt that has settled into the crevices of your car.

Rinse it off thoroughly with a mister

Remove the sponge carefully and rinse the whole car with a hose. Fill up the mister with water and spray the whole car. This will get rid of the soap scum and water droplets that got trapped in the sponge. Once the car is somewhat dry, use a soft rag to wipe the roof and sides thoroughly. Make sure you get into the crevices too. Rub the rag across the roof and sides to get rid of any remaining water droplets.

Dry the sponge with a towel

You will have to dry the sponge as well. You can use a paper towel and a dry towel for this. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Ensure that the sponge and the towels you are using are soft and not rough. This will help in drying the car without damaging the paint.

Conditioning rinse – Add a little conditioning agent and shake gently

Conditioning rinses work wonders when it comes to washing your convertible car. You can make a conditioning rinse by mixing two tsp of shampoo, a tsp of dish-washing detergent and six litres of water. What you do is add the conditioner to the water and shake gently. This will help remove any dirt that has settled in the sponge, while keeping the sponge soft and clean. The sponge will also feel soft after this conditioning rinse. You can use the sponge to mop up any water droplets on the ground and any other spots.

Final dry after the wash of your convertible car

Shake the sponge vigorously to get em off Any condensation that forms at the end of washing should be shaken off before drying. This gives you the best drying effect. Now you have to dry off the sponge as well. You can use a hair dryer again or towels. Ensure that the sponge is completely dry before storing it.

You’re done washing your convertible car!

Congratulations, you have completed the whole process of washing your car! Now you can relax and enjoy the summer with your beloved car.

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