The Fine for Jumping a Red Light in Dubai – What You Need to Know

The red light camera has become a common sight in many cities around the world. It is used as a way to monitor traffic and detect vehicles that go through red lights. Violators are caught on camera, and they receive tickets with pictures of their car, time, date, and location of violation as evidence. There have been several questions regarding the red light cameras in Dubai. What is the fine for jumping a red light in Dubai? Will the violation appear on your driving record? Is there anything you can do to avoid getting caught? If you’re reading this, you probably already know that jumping a red light in Dubai can be very dangerous for you and others around you. But if that isn’t enough to convince you not to do so, then perhaps these few pointers will:

Jumping a red light is against the law in Dubai

The UAE has very strict laws on road safety and traffic violations, and jumping a red light is certainly one of them. The Federal Traffic Law No. 5 of 1987 states that “it is prohibited to make a right turn against a red light, as well as to make a left turn against a red light, except for emergency vehicles, taxis, buses and trucks carrying hazardous materials.” This means that no matter which direction you’re going in, you must always ensure that you stop at a red light and wait for it to turn green before proceeding. One important thing to note, however, is that while you may be breaking the law, Dubai Police are not out to get you or issue fines. What they want to do is make the roads a safer place for everyone, as well as prevent road rage as a result of impatient drivers.

The Fine for jumping a red light in Dubai

The amount of fine you will be issued will vary depending on the type of violation. The table below shows the penalties for different types of violations: Table notes

Jumping a Red Light Doesn’t Just Mean a Fine

Sure, you’ll get a hefty fine if you’re caught, but that’s not all. In fact, you could find yourself paying more than just the fine: – The violation will be recorded on your driving record. This means that if you’re applying for a visa and/or trying to get a driver’s license, the violation will show up. As such, you could have your visa application rejected or lose your license. – Your car insurance company will be notified. This means that they will be notified of your violation and the potential risk to you and others on the road. As a result, your car insurance rates will likely increase. – The car could be impounded. If you’re caught jumping a red light multiple times, you could lose your car. – If it’s a serious violation, you could go to jail.

What Can Happen if You Jump a Red Light in Dubai?

You might think that the violation and the loss of money is bad enough, but in the worst case scenario, you could be involved in a serious accident. – You could lose control of your car. You could be going too fast, or you could have applied the brakes too late. Either way, you could lose control of the car and crash into another car or a pedestrian. – You could hit a person who was crossing the road legally and cause serious injuries to them. In this case, the injuries and damages could be fatal and the victim might have no one to turn to for help. – Your car could be damaged, and you could lose money. Your car could get dented, and if it’s severely damaged, you would lose money for the repairs. In a worse case scenario, you could be at fault and lose your life.


If you’re in Dubai and you don’t want to risk the above scenarios, please remember to obey the traffic rules and never jump a red light. Jumping a red light is a dangerous and reckless act that could result in fatal or serious injuries, as well as hefty fines.

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