The Best Car Windshield Cleaner: How to remove car windshield stickers

There’s nothing like driving your car on a sunny day, feeling the warmth of the sun through the windows and listening to your favorite music. But after some time, you notice something strange on the windshield; there are some small stickers stuck there. How did that happen? We all know how much importance a clean car holds in our lives. A clean car not only boosts your confidence but also makes you feel happy and relaxed. Keeping your car that way requires constant maintenance and cleaning it every once in a while is necessary too. Keeping the car clean also helps in avoiding problems such as bird droppings, insect remains and other unwanted things sticking to your windshield which can be dangerous for both you and other drivers. Read this ultimate guide on how to remove car windshield stickers.

What are windshield stickers?

Windshield stickers are decals, stickers or any other form of advertising that is stuck on the windshield of your car. Some examples of these are company logos on delivery vehicles, road signs and stickers used during elections to promote candidates. These small stuff can be very irritating and annoying. Usually, they appear on the inside of the windshield and make it hard to see the road. At times, they can be stuck on the outside, making it harder to see other cars. Some research suggests that these stickers can be a problem, especially in countries that have high wind speeds.

How did the stickers get there?

The most likely reason is that you drove with an unrepaired crack or chip in your windshield. As the car travels at high speed, the air pressure from the wind constricts the crack on the windshield and forces the air (that is inside the crack) to escape out through the hole. This escaping air is what actually gets stuck to the windshield. Another reason can be that you drove with a dirty car. When your windshield is dirty, it is hard to see the road clearly. Cleaning your windshield and the surrounding areas can be helpful in reducing the chance of these stickers sticking to your car.

How to remove car windshield stickers?

Cleaning your windshield and surrounding areas and removing stickers can be a tough job if you don’t know how to remove it and what method to use. You can use one of the 3 methods described below. Method 1: Using a scraper Scrapers made for cleaning and removing stickers are widely available in the market. They have a hard sponge at the end where you can scrape off the stickers. Scrapers are easy to use and can be found at a cheap price. Method 2: Using glass cleaner and towel This method requires you to use a glass cleaner that is alcohol-free. You can also use a microfiber towel that is clean to avoid spreading bacteria from one surface to another. Make sure that you spray the cleaner on the sticker and not on the glass. You can also spray some cleaner on a piece of cloth and clean the area surrounding the sticker. Gently rub the sticker with the cleaner and make sure you don’t scratch the glass. Let the cleaner sit for a few seconds and then wipe it off. Repeat the process until the sticker is gone. Method 3: Using squeegees and wax Using squeegees and carnauba wax can be really helpful in removing these stickers. You can either buy wax or make it at home. When you are using wax to remove the stickers, make sure you have removed all dirt, dust and grime from your windshield first. Take a clean cloth and rub the wax on it (make sure it is not too hot). Gently rub the sticker with the wax-covered cloth and make sure the cloth doesn’t come in direct contact with the glass. Let the wax sit for a few seconds and then wipe it off. Repeat the process until the sticker is gone.

How to remove car windshield stickers: Conclusion

Keeping your car clean can be a tough task and can be even harder when you are trying to clean stickers from the windshield. Make sure that you know how to clean your car properly and be ready for any situation. Remember, before you know it, the weather will change, and your windshield will be covered with road grime, insects, and bird droppings. Now you know how to clean your windshield properly and keep it clean.

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