how much salik in dubai

Cost of Salik in Dubai: The Costs and Regulations

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has introduced a toll system called Salik in the city. This is an acronym for ‘Simplified Access to Toll Roads’. It is a paid road network, which helps cut traffic on certain roads and highways. A driver needs to pay a toll fee to access these roads, but it’s much cheaper than the regular road charge. The Salik cost depends on the roads you are accessing or passing through. The 2 main toll gates that you need to pay once you enter or exit from these roads are Al- WarENDULah Road and Sheikh Zayed Road . If you want to drive on these roads, make sure that you have enough balance in your prepaid account. If not, then pay using cash at one of the RTA’s E-Payment locations like Carrefour, HyperPanda stores etc. Here we will tell you about how much does salik cost in Dubai and where can you find more information:

What is the Salik Cost in Dubai?

The main salik cost is the daily access fee that you need to pay to drive on the roads. This charge changes depending on the number of days you are planning to drive on these roads. The RTA has split the charges into 3 categories: – Daily pass: This pass is valid for one day. The cost of this pass is AED 12. – Week pass: This pass is valid for 7 days on the salik roads. The cost of this pass is AED 60. – Salik card: You can also get a salik card that can be recharged. This card can be used for multiple cars. The salik card is valid for one year. You can also renew it by paying AED 100.

Salik Toll Gate Fee in Dubai

The salik toll gate fee is the fee that you need to pay when you approach the toll gate. This fee is usually charged to the car’s registered owner. The fee is charged per car, not per person. The amount you need to pay will be mentioned on the signs posted at the toll gate. You can pay using cash or by using the salik card.

Salik Costs and Regulations

Some of the important points that you need to keep in mind while driving on the salik roads are: – You need to register with the RTA if you want to drive on the salik roads. You can register online by providing your car’s details. – You will receive a prepaid card along with the registration. This card can be used to pay for the toll. – If you have a salik card, then you can set the amount you want to pay for the salik cost. – You can drive on the following salik roads: – If you have salik in Dubai then you can drive on Sheikh Zayed Road (SZ Road) from Abu Dhabi Border to Al WarENDULah Road. This is an approx. distance of 19 km. – You can also drive on Al WarENDULah Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi Border. This is an approx. distance of 56 km.

How to pay for Salik?

There are 2 ways to pay for the Salik cost: – You can pay the daily pass fee in advance and then drive on the roads. This is a good option if you are staying in Dubai for a short period and don’t want to waste time in traffic. – If you have a salik card, then you can pay for the toll using this card. You can also set a certain amount of money for the card to use for the toll fee.


The Salik toll system was introduced to streamline the flow of traffic and make driving on the certain roads more convenient. The fees are much cheaper than regular road charges and are valid for a year. Make sure to keep the fees in mind while driving and know how much does Salik cost in Dubai.

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