How to Recharge Salik in Dubai: The Ultimate Guide

The Roads in Dubai can feel like a labyrinth at peak hours, especially with the constant change of regulations. But what’s even more challenging is the toll fee for using Salik roads. These charges are subject to change depending on peak hours, the type of vehicle using Salik, and the exit you take. However, no matter how much it changes there’s one thing that remains constant – the cost of using these roads is a big expense for motorists. Fortunately, you can re-charge your Salik in different ways, but it takes some research and planning to do so effectively. If you’re currently out of Salik or want to keep track of when it gets refilled again this article will help you get started with all things related to how to recharge your Salik card in Dubai.

How to Recharge Salik in Dubai: Salik Card

Visitors may notice there are only a few Salik lanes in Dubai, with some roads completely free of Salik toll, and others having no lanes at all. This isn’t a mistake, but rather a strategic decision to discourage visitors from using Salik on the free roads. Because Salik cards are only meant for residents of Dubai and Sharjah, visitors are required to obtain an Exit Ticket. There are a few different ways to obtain an Exit Ticket, including paying Salik cash at the booth, paying by Salik SMS, or Salik App. Visitors should note that the rules on Salik cards or Exit Tickets are strictly enforced, with heavy fines for violations. You are advised to keep your Salik card in a safe place (not wallet). If you lose it, you will have to pay Ransom to get a replacement card.

How to Recharge Salik in Dubai: Salik Recharge Locations

There are a few locations where you can recharge your Salik card. The most convenient ones are the Salik recharge booths in the different toll plazas. The Salik recharge booths are open 24 hours, 7 days a week and accept cash payments. Other places like petrol stations and Abu Dhabi Highway service stations also have Salik recharge machines, but these are usually only open during business hours and on the weekends. Salik cards can also be recharged by paying by SMS, or through an app. However, if you’re travelling with an Exit Ticket, the SMS option is not available.

How to Recharge Salik in Dubai: Salik Recharge Online

Online Salik recharge portals collect Salik toll fees, and re-charge your Salik card using your Emirates ID. As of now, there are 3 online Salik recharge portals in UAE –,, and You can recharge your Salik online by following these 3 steps: – Log in to your Emirates ID account – Select ‘Salik’ option – Choose the amount to re-charge your card Once you’ve re-charged your Salik card online you will receive a SMS confirmation. The Salik card deposit amount will be deducted from your account immediately and you will receive the Salik card in 7 business days. There’s also an option to re-charge your Salik card by linking your credit card or debit card.

How to Recharge Salik in Dubai: Salik Rebates for Tourists

Visitors to Dubai can use Salik cards and recharge them online. However, they are eligible for a 10% Salik discount. – You can log on to any Salik portal and apply for a tourist Salik card. – You will have to pay a one-time fee of AED 100 for the Salik card. – After the payment is confirmed, you will receive a Salik card in 7 business days. Salik card for tourists comes with a Salik account, which can be used to track your Salik usage and re-charge. – The same card can be used for 1 year from the date of issue. – If you are staying in Dubai for more than 1 year, you can re-charge your card through

How to Recharge Salik in Dubai: Salik e-Vouchers (ESV)

The Salik e-Voucher (ESV) is a new way to pay for Salik recharges. It’s a virtual card loaded with the amount of Salik fees and can be topped-up on the Salik website. – You can choose between a green and red card. The red card is like a debit card and will be charged automatically when you use Salik. – You can also choose between a daily or weekly ESV, which will automatically re-charge your card based on the timings set. – You can re-charge your virtual card online or through the Salik app. – ESV recharges can be done by both residents and non-residents of Dubai.

Advanced Timing Strategy & Tips to Avoid Salik Fees

Once you’re familiar with the different re-charge options available and when to use them, you should have a better understanding of when to use Salik. – Salik costs more during peak hours from 6am – 9am and from 4pm – 10pm. If you can avoid driving during these hours you will save quite a bit. – Salik is free on weekends and public holidays. It’s cheaper to use the road on weekends and avoid paying toll charges. – Avoid driving during rush hours. If you can change your work timing or work from home, you can avoid paying Salik. – You can use Salik re-charge options to avoid paying tolls during weekends and public holidays. – Avoid driving on the Salik-free roads like the E311 and Emirates Road. – Save your Salik recharges for weekends and public holidays. – The best time to go the airport is early morning on a Saturday or Sunday.


The Salik re-charge process can be a challenging task for non-residents of Dubai. There are many options available for recharging your card but which one you choose depends on the amount you have to recharge. You can choose to re-charge online using your Emirates ID account, or by visiting a Salik re-charge booth in the different toll plazas in Dubai. You can also re-charge your Salik card through Salik SMS and app. These re-charge options are available for both residents and non-residents of Dubai. You can re-charge your Salik through the Salik e-Voucher (ESV) or by linking your credit card or debit card to your Salik account. With all these options available, you’re sure to find a re-charge method that works best for you.

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