Sell my car in Al Hamriya Dubai

Dubai, UAE (Bur Dubai). Al Hamriya is a part of Dubai located on Dubai Creek in the western district. Numerous shopping centres and foreign embassies are situated in this region. Al Hamriya is largely a residential area; Dubai Creek is located to the north, Al Souk Al Kabir and Umm Hurair are situated to the east and west of the district. This is a large residential area; however, several shopping malls and foreign embassies are located here. Consulates in the area include those of India, Britain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, among others. Keep reading this article to learn how to sell your car fast in Al Hamriya, Dubai.

Sell my car in Al Hamriya Dubai

Sale car in Al Hamriya Dubai

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Things to do in Al Hamriya

Visit the Al Hamriya Museum

The Al Hamriya Museum is located in Al Oud House in a restored traditional Emirati house. It was once the home of a wealthy pearl merchant and provides a fascinating insight into the daily life of a traditional family in Al Hamriya. The museum has been divided into four main sections, each showcasing a different feature of life in the district: the home itself, the gardens, the kitchen and the workshop. The exhibition houses artefacts from the pearl diving era and there are also many photographs and videos on display. The museum also hosts occasional workshops and activities.

Visit the Dubai Heritage Area

The Dubai Heritage Area sits at the heart of Al Hamriya and is home to the Al Ahmadiya School and Heritage House, the Al Bidda Mosque, the Al Hamidiya Mosque, the Al Hosni Souq and the Al Oud House. The area also boasts a visitor centre and classrooms where you can find out more about the history of Dubai and the development of the city’s culture, as well as take part in a few traditional activities. You can also visit Dubai’s first business, Al Ahmadiya School. This school was built in the 1930s and was the first education centre in Dubai to offer free schooling. Today, it is a museum and hosts daily tours. The Dubai Heritage Area is also a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the change in the city’s economy that transformed it from a pearling hub to a trading port following the decline of the pearling industry.

Explore the creek and marina on dhow cruise

The creek that runs through Al Hamriya is one of the main reasons why the area has been able to remain relatively untouched by the rapid development of modern Dubai. The creek is also one of the best places to see the Dubai skyline from a different perspective. You can do this by taking a dhow cruise around the creek. These are typically around 90 minutes long, during which you can enjoy an authentic cup of Arabic tea and take in the views of Dubai’s modern skyline along with the surrounding area, which is home to many traditional fishing boats and shows.

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